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​Personal Injury ​Lawyers

An individual may be able to file a personal injury claim if they’ve experienced an injury at the hands of someone else, such as a distracted driver or a negligent homeowner who didn’t shovel their sidewalk during a snowstorm. The purpose of filing the claim is to seek compensation for the pain that the injured individual went through.It’s possible to file a claim if you were recently injured and experienced emotional pain as well as financial loss due to your inability to work because of the injuries. Most people who end up with these injuries weren’t expecting something so serious to happen to them in the first place, but that is why we’re available to help those who’ve been in different accidents. We’ll help you get through some of the most essential steps of this process. If you think you’ve got a case, give us a call and we’ll talk things over with you.

​Industrial Accidents

​​If an injury is majorly severe, the injured individual could miss out on working and may need to receive professional medical care for the rest of his or her life. These types of situations are known for being quite traumatic because they change the injured person’s life in a matter of minutes.

​​Accidents Abroad

When travelling abroad for holiday, some people end up suffering from illnesses or injuries. Even if you sustained an injury while you were overseas, it’s still possible for you to get the compensation you need. The only way to know if you’ve got a claim or not is to get in touch with us to speak about the situation. ​

​Road Traffic Accidents

​If you’ve been injured due to a road accident, you need to speak with our expert solicitors immediately. Sometimes the insurance companies work on trying to settle these claims a bit too quickly, causing you to lose out on some of the compensation you deserve after all you’ve gone through.


​We can ​help clients who may be dealing with asbestos and mesothelioma cases. Anyone who gets diagnosed with a disease that developed due to asbestos exposure may be able to make a claim to receive compensation.

​Medical ​Negligence

​When a medical professional is trusted to provide quality care and doesn’t, it’s often known as medical negligence. Unfortunately, there are times when a medical professional makes mistakes that could make a medical problem even worse. This type of negligence typically occurs when the medical professional makes the wrong diagnosis or doesn’t provide the right type of treatment to improve the patient’s condition.

​Accidents at Work

​If you were injured while you were working, you may still get to file a claim. Although it depends on the situation, you may have been injured due to a lack of proper safety measures provided to you or because you had to work with equipment that wasn’t in proper working condition.

Compensation For Improper Investments

We’ll help you seek compensation if you’re concerned about being sold some sort of investment that doesn’t sit right with you and may have caused you to lose out on funds.We use our knowledge to provide advice to clients. We want to help our clients receive compensation and are currently providing services in several areas throughout the UK, such as Scotland, England, and Wales.

Don’t worry about the risks of filing a claim. We provide no-fee agreements to our clients because we’re that certain we can help them out, and we don’t want to put even more of a financial strain on them when they’re in need of help.


What You Need To Know About Lawyers

Most people have a favourite joke about lawyers, but the profession is not actually made up of conniving ambulance chasers or fat cats. Lawyers actually perform a very valuable role as the law is part of every aspect of our lives. Understanding more about lawyers will help you understand how their role in the world can affect everything from the age at which you can get a driving license to the speed that you can drive at.

The first thing to know about the profession is that it has traditionally been split into 2 different branches of barristers and solicitors. However, the legal landscape has become more complicated over the years with chartered legal executives, apprentices and paralegals. This is a trend which seems set to continue in the years to come. However, at this time, you should know about the 2 traditional roles that these professionals can find themselves in.


Solicitors will generally provide advice and help on all matters of the law. They will be your first point of contact when seeking any form of legal advice or representation. Most solicitors will work in a solicitor-owned law firm, but there are some who work for the local government or the central government. There are also solicitors in the legal department of businesses and in alternative business structures which is a business that provides legal services, but is controlled and funded by another company.

While it is possible for solicitors to be found in many areas of law, the fundamentals of their jobs will be the same. They will include a mixture of dispute work and advisory work including:

• Meeting clients

• Determining client needs and establishing how they can help

• Researching the relevant areas of the law

• Proposing a course of action

• Acting on behalf of the client in negotiations

• Occasional representation at tribunals or in court

It is not easy to be a solicitor, but most find it to be a rewarding job. Many of the people entering this profession will work their way up through the ranks of the business from a qualified solicitor to an associate and finally a partner. Most of this information can also be used when describing chartered legal executives.

Paralegals and chartered legal executives are also legal professionals who work in law firms. However, the route to these jobs does not require a university degree. This is something that you will need to have if you are going to be a solicitor.


Barristers will be able to advise on certain legal issues and are able to represent their clients in court. They will be given their information and instructions through a solicitor and will generally be self-employed. When a barrister is not in court, they will be working in chambers to prepare the court case and arguments for their clients. Although barristers are able to work in many areas of the law, they will have fundamental elements to their job that does not change. This will include:

• Advising their clients on the law and the strength of their case

• Holding a conference with clients to talk about their case

• Represent their client in court which includes the presenting of the case and cross-examining witnesses

• Negotiating settlement with the other side of a case where the situation can be resolved outside of court

When the barrister is called to the Bar, they will be known as a junior. They will remain a junior until they have been made a Queen’s Counsel which is also known as taking the silk. A QC will be a senior barrister who has extensive experience in the legal profession and is regarded as having outstanding abilities. The majority of barrister will not become a QC.

The Areas Of Law

There are many different areas of law, but if you are looking at the broadest sense of this you can divide it into commercial work and private work. A commercial lawyer will be the professional that looks into a major loan by a bank to a corporation, but a private lawyer could be a personal injury lawyer. The different legal practice areas will be the same as different jobs as there is little which links the daily activities of a human rights solicitor with that of a corporate lawyer.

Corporate And Commercial Law

A cooperate or commercial solicitor will advise businesses of all size from international corporations to small one person businesses. General company law may require solicitors to advise the company directors on rights and responsibilities. Corporate law will generally relate to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, demergers and share issues.

Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers will advise and represent clients in court who have been charged with a crime. This could be anything from a minor motoring misdemeanour to a serious crime such as murder. Barristers will generally be called on to act for either the defence or the prosecution.

Employment Law

When working as a solicitor in this area of law, you will generally work on disputes which end up in the employment tribunals or in the High Court. You will also work on draft contracts of employment and the advisement of working hours. Your clients could be an employee or an employer. When working as a barrister in this legal area, you will appear on behalf of your client in either court or the employment tribunal.

Family Law

Family lawyers will work on every legal matter which is related to marriage from separation to divorce to the legal issues which are related to children. Family law will generally include the negotiation of financial agreements, inheritance issues and prenuptial contracts.

Human Rights Law

This area of the law is very wide-ranging and will include asylum cases as well as immigration, privacy cases and international law issues. The clients in this area of law will range from low-income refugees and prisoners to large news organisations and governments.

Intellectual Property Law

This area of law will protect the exploitation of intellectual ideas through trademarks, patents and copyright. IP lawyers will advise on issues such as infringement disputes and commercial exploitation. They will also deal with an agreement which deals with IP rights as part of a larger commercial transaction.

Private Clients

Private client layers will advise people on their financial affairs including inheritance tax planning, setting up trusts and capital gains tax. Private client lawyers will also handle a wide range of charity work.

Public Law

Public law will cover the relationship between the government and people. This could mean that you have to challenge the level of care provided to a disabled person or advice the government on national infrastructure development.

We have a team of expert solicitors who are ready to work on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that you don’t have to pay if we don’t win your case. Once you make a contract, we will work to recover the maximum compensation possible. Whether you want to have a free conversation with a professional solicitor or you are ready to make a claim, our trained advisors are ready to give you all the information you need. Fill in our quick contact form to take the first step towards getting what you deserve, and we’ll call you back at the time that suits you most.

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