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Need a Personal
Injury Lawyer?
You Could
Claim More
Than You Think!
  • We Can Calculate Just How Much
  • No Payout No fee
  • No Financial Risk for You
  • Maximum Compensation Payouts

Please fill in your Details if you’d like to Discuss a Claim

Personal Injury Lawyers for Compensation Claims | No Payout No Fee Solicitors

If you were involved in an accident or been Mis-Sold and it just doesn’t feel right, we can help you.

Personal Injury Lawyers & Accident Claims

  • Serious Injury Claims
  • Road Traffic Accident Claims
  • Holiday Accidents & Illness Claims
  • Accident At Work Claims
  • Industrial Disease Claims
  • Accidents In Public Places Claims
  • Military Injury Compensation Claims
  • Illness Compensation Claims
  • Product Liability Claims
  • Rehabilitation & Medical Care
  • Group Claims
  • Abuse & Criminal Injury Claims
  • Air, Rail & Sea Related Claims
  • whiplash Compensation Claims

Win Your Claim With The Assistance Of No Win No Fee Lawyers

What Is No Win No Fee Injury Lawyer?

A No Win No Fee term is a Conditional Fee Agreement between you and your solicitor that keep you from paying the upfront legal fees when the advocate is handling your compensation claim. In short, the lawyer will take on your case without asking for payment only to receive pay if you win any compensation. You will not pay the solicitor anything if you do not win.

We offer our services on a No Win No Fee agreement on medical negligence, accident, and personal injury cases. It is as simple as that; you do not pay if you do not win the case.

How Does No Win No Fee Work?

The introduction of this arrangement was geared towards giving individuals who lack the finances to afford legal representation the opportunity to get the justice they need when seeking personal injury compensation.

Primarily, the No Win No Fee arrangements were on the premise that the defending party would shoulder all the legal costs associated with taking a personal injury case. As such, the claimants were not to pay any fees and get to keep the awarded compensation in full. Legislation was introduced after many solicitors said that they were making losses, unable to recover their fees from the defending parties fully.

Fortunately, with TheYEC team of medical negligence claims and specialist personal injury lawyers, things remain unchanged. We still offer No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims, which means you do not have to make any payments if the claim is unsuccessful.

You, however, will have to cater to the legal representation costs if you win your claim. The good thing is the costs are a determined percentage which is calculated based on your circumstances. TheYEC strictly keeps the fees below an agreed upfront percentage of the awarded amount.

Injury Compensation Claim Lawyers

Are All Legal Cases Covered By The No Win No Fee Arrangement?

The arrangement is not applicable to all personal injury cases. However, some civil cases can be handled under this conditional fee agreement except for cases that involve a criminal charge.

Personal injury, accident, and medical negligence cases in Wales and England fall under the civil cases thus can be handled on a No Win No Fee basis.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have different stipulations for medical negligence and personal injury cases where the No Win No Fee claim arrangement also takes into consideration employment issues.

No Win No Fee – Personal Injury Lawyers

If you were involved in an accident that was due to the negligence of another party and you are not at fault, you qualify to make a personal injury claim.

The compensation amount you can claim is determined based on two things – the ‘special damages’ and the ‘general damages.’ With the two, you are guaranteed to be awarded personal injury recompense that covers any pain, losses and suffering you may have endured to date. Any future physical, social, emotional, and mental implications of the injuries due to the accident are also factors into the amount to be awarded as compensation.

Our objective at TheYEC is not to win you the claim case to that you get what you are entitled, but to help you get the financial support you need to regain some normality in your life. Our personal injury specialists will the long-term impact of the injuries so that they ensure you get the maximum amount.

If involved in an accident, you have a limited period of three years within which your opportunity to file a personal injury claim is still valid. Keep in mind that every case is different. As such you may be entitled to seek compensation for injuries sustained in an accident that occurred more than three years ago, but this is based on the nature of the injuries and how they happened. Our No Win No Fee solicitors can offer a free no-obligation assessment of your claim case.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims Process

When you get injured because of someone’s negligence, it is prudent to seek compensation, and the whole personal injury claims process can be a little bit confusing. However, this procedure is a systematic one as it follows a predictable path. When involved in an accident, you need to know these steps so that you can understand what to do and at what stage.

Hiring An Injury Lawyer.

For you to get through the personal injury claims process, you need to have a Lawyer. If you need the services of one for the first time, the chances are high that you might not have a personal injury lawyer. You will come across several of them, and you need to do your research well and find the best one for you. It is advisable to take your time and find the right one who you can retain and reach out to whenever you need their services rather than being forced to look for one every time you get involved in an accident.

Compensation Claim Time Frame.

When searching for an injury lawyer, keep in mind that you do not have an unlimited time to do so. Different areas have laws that put restrictions on the amount of time you can take before filing a complaint. Try and understand the time you have for your type of case so that you do not file for a compensation claim when the period has already expired.

Pre-Action Protocols.

According to the court rules, your lawyer needs to follow a set of procedures known as the pre-action protocols. This involves sending a letter to the person who the claim is against. This letter is known as the letter of claim, and it contains the details of what happened and the injuries sustained. The defendant has up to 21 days to respond to the letter up to three months to investigate.

Evidence Gathering.

Your lawyer will have to provide evidence proving the whole claim and demonstrate that the defendant was at fault and that their activities led to your injuries. Once this evidence has been accepted, the court might need medical evidence to prove the extent of your injuries, and this involves collecting your hospital records.


Not all personal injury cases have to go to court, and your lawyer will try to get a suitable settlement with the defendant is possible. This involves negotiations, and if they are successful, they will agree to a certain amount. If the talks are unsuccessful, the matter will have to be settled through court proceedings, and the jury will decide the settlement amount based on the case presented by your injury lawyer.

Lawyers for Personal Injuries and Accidents

An individual may be able to file a personal injury claim if they’ve experienced an injury at the hands of someone else, such as a distracted driver or a negligent homeowner who didn’t shovel their sidewalk during a snowstorm. The purpose of filing the injury claim is to seek compensation for the pain that the injured individual went through.

It’s possible to file a claim if you were recently injured and experienced emotional pain & financial loss due to your inability to work because of the injuries. Most people who end up with these injuries weren’t expecting something so serious to happen to them in the first place, but that is why we’re available to help those who’ve been in different accidents. We’ll help you get through some of the most essential steps of the personal injury process. If you think you’ve got a case, give us a call and our injury lawyers will talk things over with you.

Claims for Minor Personal injuries

Your compensation claim usually can be settled within a couple of weeks if you were in a collision and suffered minor injuries like whiplash.

Contact us as soon as possible and speak with one of our friendly and helpful personal injury lawyers to discuss your situation. That way we can ensure that you receive the personal injury compensation that you deserve and need.

Claims for Major Personal injuries

We completely understand that major injuries can take much longer to get resolved and that the consequences can be more serious. Our expert injury lawyers will be there for you each step along the way. They will work to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve and work to secure interim payments as well to cover your rehabilitation costs while your personal injury claim is still being processed.

If the driver of the other vehicle failed to stop and provide you with their details, it might still be possible for you to make a claim to receive compensation through using the Motor Insurers Bureau’s Untraced Drivers Agreement. Contact one of our personal injury agents so that you can discuss your individual circumstances to find out what you may be entitled to.

accident claims compensation

Claims Specialist For Personal Accidents

Have you been injured in an accident and it does not feel right, if so then you will want to right that wrong.

Are You Able To Make A Compensation Claim for an accident?

If you are not sure if you can make a claim, then you will want to get in touch with us on 0808 164 9153 to see if you can file a claim. We are going to listen and provide quite a bit advice, which will make it easier for you to know if you can make a claim, usually we can tell you this in the first call.

You will not be rushed to decide right away with us either, but we will let you know about any statutes you could have problems with.

If you do not want to check with us by talking to us, you can check with the online tools that we offer to see if you are going to have a claim, but also get some questions answered.

In general, you are usually able to file a claim if:

  • The accident was within the past three years.
  • You are not the one that was at fault.
  • An injury of some type happened.

Types Of Compensation Claims For Accidents

Usually you will rest easier if you know of other people who have filed the same type of claim for the accident like you had.

Here are some of the examples of the claims that we have experience in helping people with. Even if your accident is not listed, the chances are good that you can still have some help from us.

Road accident Compensation Claims

You may think that this is an accident that has two or even more drivers.

However, those are only a small portion of the accidents as you will find a bicycle can be a road accident, getting hit while walking on the road, or even being a passenger on the public transport.

These are often very shocking accidents. Since that is the case, we are going to help you out.

Trips, Slips And Fall Compensation claims

While you may not think about it, if you fall or trip in a public place it is not always your own fault. In fact, it is often the fault of the business or public area that has the responsibility of making sure you are safe.

These accidents can be caused by walking on an unlabeled wet floor, cracked floors, paving that is uneven, and even having something in the middle of the path.

The problem is, it is not always clear who was at fault. Since that is the case, our experience will come in handy and help you understand who is responsible for the fall.

Accidents At Work Compensation Claims

These accidents are often stressful and can cause some serious injuries at times. No matter what the injury, you should know that you should be able to trust your employer with a safe environment for you to work in.

No matter what kind of job you have it is the job of the employer to keep you safe. If they have failed you, then you are have been put at risk of injury.

Since you have been hurt at work and it does not feel right we will help you make it right. You just need to contact us right away to great free advice at 0808 164 9153.

What Will Make The Compensation Claim A Success?

Since each case is different you will find that they do not have any rules in place to guarantee a successful claim. The best way is to make sure you get in touch with us.

When you talk to use our advisors, who are trained, will talk to you about your claim and help guide you through the steps that you will need to take if you want to pursue the claim.

Once we have your permission we will put a solicitor to your case needs.

The solicitor will be the one that will prove that someone else caused the accident. This will often mean providing proof that the other party did not provide the proper care for you.

This Can Come Because Of Someone Doing:

Failure to inspect the equipment properly that is used on the job.The pathways were not kept clear of any of the obstacles that you were trying to avoid.They did not keep the regulations in mind and ignored the laws.They did not pay attention when you were driving.

How Do You Figure Out The Compensation Amount

We will take and look at each case individually. That is because we want to make sure you are able to get the full compensation that you need to get.

Since each case is different we cannot give you an idea on how much you will get before we start doing research. You could try our calculator, though, which could give you a good idea on how much you may get.

What else you will want to consider is the pain and suffering you experience and the changes you have had to make in your life.

That is something that will be considered when you are factoring in the compensation for the accident.

  • The pain that you have from the personal injury.
  • The impact the injury has had on your life.
  • The amount of earnings you have had to lose from taking time off work.
  • The cost of the medical treatment you have had to go under.
  • Any care that you have had to get, even if it was family member.

Why Should You Make An Accident Claim?

You may have had to take time off of work, and for a serious injury may have had to take significant time off work which leads to money worries.

You should not feel rushed to get back to work before you are healed. That is why the solicitor will attempt to factor in the time that you had to take off of work.

You may even find that you could use the compensation to pay for all the medical bills you have had and alterations you made to your home.

Almost all of the claims made with us is a no win no fee basis. That means you do not have any risk when making a claim. You have already been through enough with the accident so worrying about paying us if you do not win should not be another worry.

Personal Injury Compensation Payout

Anyone can sustain a serious injury. It can be anything from critical brain damage to spinal injuries, third degree burns, broken bones and many other catastrophic injuries. Personal injury claims are made persons who have sustained these types of injuries as a result of the recklessness and/or negligence of other persons or parties. Due to the seriousness of these claims, the personal injury claims payouts involved are quite high. This is so in order to cater for all the needs of the affected persons.

Even though monetary compensation may not take all the pain and suffering away, it does help a lot in easing the burden caused by the injuries sustained. With a good payout, you can be able to cover all your medical expenses and after-care expenses as well. You will also be compensated for emotional trauma and loss of work. As you can tell, there are plenty of factors that are considered when the payout amount for your claim is being determined in a court of law. The costs of serious personal injury claims are usually quite high and there is absolutely no reason why the personal injury claims payouts should not be high as well.

On the other hand, because the payouts awarded for personal injury claims are quite high, the claims are usually fiercely contested in court. When compared to common injury cases, serious personal injury cases can attract the best legal defenses money can buy. The best example is when a company or organizations is facing an accusation of negligence which led to a person sustaining serious injury. The company in this cases will do whatever is in its power to refute the claim and deny the accusation. Unfortunately because of this, some people who have sustained catastrophic injuries in their day-to-day life may go without getting the compensation or payout they need and deserve.

However, all hope is not lost. There is still some light at the end of the tunnel for persons who have suffered injuries which they believe were not of their doing. The best course of action for such persons is to investigate the case thoroughly and then result to make a claim if they find that there was some wrongdoing somewhere. Due to the serious nature of most of these claims, it is important to seek and make use of proper legal representation throughout your case. A good personal injury lawyer can indeed help you to get the much needed compensation you deserve.

Making A Personal Injury Claim UK: The Steps To Take

UK Lawyers for Personal Injury Claims – If you sustain injuries in a private or public place due to the actions or negligence of another person, filing a personal injury claim for the damages is within your legal right. Keep in mind that you may or may not be entitled to compensation. When seeking compensation by claiming personal injuries, you are expected to comply with various procedural requirements which are described in the following steps:

1. Notify The Relevant Authority
You should report and notify the relevant authorities or persons about the accident and injuries sustained. For instance, report a road accident to the police or an injury suffered at the workplace to the employer. For the road accident, you should ensure that you get a TIN (Traffic Incident Number) and a signed document from your employer for the workplace injury.

2. Take Statements
You should give a detail report of your view of the events and have it done in writing. Also, ensure that you take statements from any witnesses who saw the accident or someone who can account for the level of impact the injuries incurred have had on your life. All this information is vital to putting forth a strong compensation case.

3. Seek Treatment And Obtain A Medical Report
Seek immediate medical treatments and ensure that you get all the medical and diagnostic reports and also take the time to consult with your doctor to know more about your treatment. The objective is to have information and documents that you will need to present as evidence that supports your claim.

4. Get Legal Assistance
You should be aware of your legal rights and entitlements when making a personal injury claim, and this necessitates the need for enlisting the guidance and advice of legal experts who handle personal injury compensation cases. Go over the what happened with the lawyer so that you can get a professional opinion on whether or not you have a valid claim. Keep in mind that the compensation is required to be filed within three years of the accident.

5. Lodge A Claim
If the attorney finds there is merit to the case and the chances of winning the claim are promising, then he or she can advise you to lodge a claim. The lawyer writes a letter of compensation to the other side stating the details of the accident, the nature of your injuries, and the reason for you are seeking legal recompense in the form of personal injury compensation.

Negotiate A Settlement Or Take The Case To Court

Once liability is admitted, your attorney will determine a suitable sum of compensation and present the other side with the figure. The others may opt to accept or reject it and try to negotiate a different settlement. If the claim amount is agreed upon, then the cases will be settled quickly. However, if the others deny liability or if a settlement is not reached, then taking the case to court is the next step. The court will hear from both sides and decide if compensation should be awarded or not.

No Win No Fee Accidents at Work Compensation

If you were injured while you were working, you may still get to file a claim. Although it depends on the situation, you may have been injured due to a lack of proper safety measures provided to you or because you had to work with equipment that wasn’t in proper working condition.

How to make your No Win No Fee claim following a work accident

We understand that it can be a very daunting prospect to claim for an accident that occurred at work, since you might feel anxious about potentially causing conflict at your workplace. When you are making a personal injury claim for an accident that occurred at work, rest assured that you are not directly confronting your employer. Your are making a claim against the liability insurance of your employer, and when you assert your right to receive compensation, you will not be negatively impacting your employer or your co-workers.

Whether you were a private contractor, part-time employee, or full-time employee at the time that your accident occurred, you can claim compensation for the injuries that you sustained within the workplace.

In addition to accidents at work, we are also able to seek compensation for certain industrial diseases, including skin disease or respiratory issues.

Get in touch with one of our expert personal injury advisors to find out how you get can a claim started, to get the justice and compensation that you deserve.

TheYEC expert team specialises in No Win No Fee claims for accidents at work. They can collect all of the necessary information for making your case including making an expert review of the cause of your injury, proof of injury, witness statements, and managing all of the details for you from start to finish.

Medical Negligence

When a medical professional is trusted to provide quality care and doesn’t, it’s often known as medical negligence. Unfortunately, there are times when a medical professional makes mistakes that could make a medical problem even worse. This type of negligence typically occurs when the medical professional makes the wrong diagnosis or doesn’t provide the right type of treatment to improve the patient’s condition.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Case

Medical negligence can have life-changing consequences that can make seeking compensation seem like a daunting undertaking. However, it is within your legal rights to seek recompenses for the health implication of such negligence. TheYEC medical negligence specialist solicitors can help in this regard on a No Win No Fee agreement so that they take away the stresses and risk of claiming compensation. They are there to ease the process for you and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

From cosmetic surgery mishaps to misdiagnosis and wrong prescription, our medical negligence experts will gather the necessary information that will be used to formulate a strong case. Part of such efforts includes gathering your medical information and supportive evidence from unbiased and impartial specialists to help prove the failure of the accused party to provide you with the expected reasonable health care. All the while, we will be keen on ensuring you are still getting the necessary medical treatments and are on the journey to full recovery.

Talk to use today. Contact any of our legal solicitors if you have any inquiries about our No Win No Fee claim and wish to know how to start.

Asbestos Compensation

We can help clients who may be dealing with asbestos and mesothelioma claims. Anyone who gets diagnosed with a disease that developed due to asbestos exposure may be able to make a personal injury claim to receive compensation.

Road Traffic Accidents

If you’ve been injured due to a road accident, you need to speak with our expert solicitors immediately. Sometimes the insurance companies work on trying to settle these claims a bit too quickly, causing you to lose out on some of the car accident compensation you deserve after all you’ve gone through.

Road Traffic Accidents And No Win No Fee

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident where you were not at fault, then we completely understand how upsetting the situation might be for you, and we can help you with your No Win No Fee personal injury claim to start putting things right.

The amount of time it will take to make your claim will vary depending on what kind of accident you were in and how severe your personal injuries are.

Accidents Abroad Claim

When traveling on holiday, some people end up suffering from illnesses or injuries abroad. Even if you sustained a personal injury while you were overseas, it’s still possible for you to get the compensation you need. The only way to know if you’ve got a personal injury claim or not is to get in touch with us to speak about the situation.

Industrial Accident Claims Lawyers

If an industrial injury is majorly severe, the injured individual could miss out on working and may need to receive professional medical care for the rest of his or her life. These types of situations are known for being quite traumatic because they change the injured person’s life in a matter of minutes.

Compensation For Miss-Sold Investments

We’ll help you seek compensation if you’re concerned about being sold some sort of investment that doesn’t sit right with you and may have caused you to lose out on funds.

We use our knowledge to provide advice to clients. We want to help our clients receive compensation and are currently providing services in several areas throughout the UK, such as Scotland, England, and Wales.

Don’t worry about the risks of filing a claim. We provide no-fee agreements to our clients because we’re that certain we can help them out, and we don’t want to put even more of a financial strain on them when they’re in need of help.

We have a team of expert solicitors who are ready to work on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that you don’t have to pay if we don’t win your case. Once you make a contract, we will work to recover the maximum compensation possible.

Whether you want to have a free conversation with a professional solicitor or you are ready to make a claim, our trained advisors are ready to give you all the information you need. Fill in our quick contact form to take the first step towards getting what you deserve, and we’ll call you back at the time that suits you most.

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