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Win Your Compensation Claim With The Assistance Of No Win No Fee Lawyers

What Is No Win No Fee?

A No Win No Fee term is a Conditional Fee Agreement between you and your solicitor that keep you from paying the upfront legal fees when the advocate is handling your compensation claim. In short, the lawyer will take on your case without asking for payment only to receive pay if you win any compensation. You will not pay the solicitor anything if you do not win.

We offer our services on a No Win No Fee agreement on medical negligence, accident, and personal injury cases. It is as simple as that; you do not pay if you do not win the case.

Personal Injuries – How Does No Win No Fee Work?

The introduction of this arrangement was geared towards giving individuals who lack the finances to afford legal representation the opportunity to get the justice they need when seeking compensation.

Primarily, the No Win No Fee arrangements were on the premise that the defending party would shoulder all the legal costs associated with taking a claim case. As such, the claimants were not to pay any fees and get to keep the awarded compensation in full.

But as of April 2013, legislation was introduced after many solicitors said that they were making losses, unable to recover their fees from the defending parties fully.

Fortunately, with TheYEC team of medical negligence claims and specialist personal injury lawyers, things remain unchanged. We still offer No Win No Fee arrangements, which means you do not have to make any payments if the claim is unsuccessful.

You, however, will have to cater to the legal representation costs if you win your claim. The good thing is the costs are a determined percentage which is calculated based on your circumstances. TheYEC strictly keeps the fees cut anywhere below an agreed upfront percentage of the awarded amount.

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Accidents at Work Claim

  • Asbestosis Compensation
  • Back Injuries Compensation
  • Compensation for Carpal Tunnel
  • Chemical Accidents Compensation
  • Compensation for RSI
  • Construction/Building Site Injuries ​
  • Factory Accidents Claims
  • Farm Injuries Compensation
  • Faulty Equipment Claims
  • Fork Lift Injuries Compensation
  • Loss of Hearing Compensation
  • Industrial Deafness
  • Industrial Diseases
  • Ladder Falls Compensation
  • Military Injuries Compensation
  • Scaffolding Injuries Compensation
  • White Finger Vibration Claims

Medical Neglect

  • A&E Claims
  • Birth Accidents Claims
  • Blood Clots Compensation
  • Cancer Malpractices Compensation
  • Care Homes Claims
  • ​Surgical Negligence
  • Cosmetic Surgery Claim
  • Dental Negligence Claim
  • GP Malpractice Claim
  • Hospital Negligence Claim
  • Meningitis Misdiagnosis ​
  • Misdiagnosis Compensations
  • NHS Negligence Compensations
  • Optician Negligence
  • Orthopaedic Injuries Compensation
  • Prescription Error Claim
  • Pressure Sores Claim
Serious Accidents
  • Amputation or Loss of Limbs Claim
  • Brain Injuries Claim
  • Broken Bone Compensations
  • Burns Claims
  • Chronic Pain Claim
  • Claim for Internal Injuries
  • Paralysis Claims
  • Scarring Compensation
  • Fatal Injuries Claim
  • Multiple Accidents Claim
  • Spinal Injuries Claim

Traffic Injurys

  • Compensation for Bicycle Injury
  • Bus Accidents Claim
  • Compensation Car Injuries
  • Uninsured Drivers Claims
  • Lorry Accidents Compensation
  • Motorcycle Accidents Claim
  • Pedestrian Compensation
  • Taxi Injuries Compensation
  • Calculating a Whiplash Claim

Sports Injuries Claim

  • Claim for Injuries while Horse Riding
  • Football Accidents Claims
  • Gym Accidents Compensation
  • Rugby Injuries Compensation

Slips trips and Falls

  •  Falls Involving the Elderly ​
  •  Slips on Snow and Ice ​
  • Pavement Accidents Compensation
  • Playground Injuries Claim
  • Supermarket Accidents Claim