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Need Legal Advice after an Injury?
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A hand injury can significantly impact your life

It can be frustrating to sustain any type of injury, but a hand injury may be life-altering. It can be impossible to do even the easiest daily tasks, like eating, holding a phone, getting dressed or driving.  Your hand injury will likely leave you feeling reliant and dependent on the people around you, and might even cause you to feel very depressed.  In certain cases, your hand may sustain physical damage that is permanent or causes serious complications.  So whether you are recovering or recovered from a hand injury, we are here to make sure you get the compensation that you are entitled to and apology that you deserve following an accident where you were not at fault.  Not only do hand injuries impact your life, but they also can affect the people around you, especially if you have lost wages due to being off from work.  Your compensation an help to cover lost earnings, in addition to other impacts or expenses that your injury has caused.

Whiplash can significantly impact your life

Numerous individuals think whiplash is a minor injury.  However, the truth of the matter is that they can have long-lasting and painful effects on your life.  In severe cases, in fact, you could end up with permanent symptoms. A sudden stretching of the neck or jolt causes whiplash which can damage ligament.  It may cause dizziness, headaches, pain, and swelling, which frequently effects the way you lead your daily life.  Whiplash is often very painful, your mobility is limited, and it may stop you from being able to go to work or drive while you are recovering. If you are suffering from a whiplash injury, then you should not feel pressured or rushed into going back to work.  However, we understand that time off may cause you to feel financial pressure and you might panic about what you are going to do to pay all of your bills – our lawyers for personal injuries are here to help you.  When your claim is made, your solicitor will take your financial situation into consideration in addition to the pain that you live with how your future may be impacted by the accident.  That means things like accommodation costs, travel, medical treatment, and even how your injury has affected your loved ones all will be considered when making your claim.

Why should a claim be made for back injury compensation?

Anyone who has sustained a back injury knows how depressing, restricting, and painful it may be. A back injury might prevent from being able to perform even simple tasks and stop your daily life.  In certain cases, there can be permanent effects to a back injury, but even if your injury isn’t a permanent one, it will still take some time to fully recover and you will be wondering when and if you will be suffering from back pain again in the future.  We have witnessed how back injuries can have a significant financial impact on the sufferer, with long time periods off from work and lower pay may leave you really struggling to pay all of your bills, mortgage or rent payments, and other expenses may quickly escalate.  That feels wrong to us – but we are here to help make things right. If someone else caused your injury, either by negligence or accident, we can help you with making a back injury claim.  We work closely with a national panel of specialty solicitors, to help support you throughout the entire claim process.

We can assist you with making a leg injury compensation claim

It can take quite a long time to recover from a leg injury – you can be left feeling dependent on others and alone.  In addition, you probably had to take time off from work to allow your leg to heal.  You might not have received any wages or less pay, and that may cause you to have a hard time supporting your family and paying your bills.  During this difficult time you don’t deserve having to be worried.  If you have sustained a leg injury, we are here to help make things right.  We have more than 20 years worth of experience in assisting individuals with making personal injury claims. During this time, we have been able to see what a big different that compensation can make on a person’s life.  the money that you can receive can help you pay for your care, treatment and other expenses of your injury, to allow you to focus on your recovery.

We can help you with making a hip injury claim

Hip injuries are often quite painful.  This kind of injury might restrict your mobility, and prevent you from being able to function in your daily life. It may take a very long time for you to fully recover.  No matter what caused your injury, if it occurred within the past three years and you were not at fault, then there is a very good chance we can help you get a compensation claim made to cover the impacts and costs.  We understand in some cases it may be hard to know who was at fault for a particular accident.  That is why our Manchester solicitors have legally trained advisors who are available to consult with you for free to tell you whether or not they believe you should file a claim.

Can you make a claim for a groin injury?

We take great pride in the no-obligation, confidential, and free advice that we are able to give to individuals like you who are frequently in discomfort or pain and are considering making a compensation claim in order to cover the impact and costs of their groin injury.  For someone who hasn’t ever filed a claim, making a claim might seem like a lengthy, complicated, and confusing process.  However, our goal is making the process of determining whether or not you can file a claim as easy as possible.  Typically we advise you that you like have a claim if you were in an accident within the past three years, someone else caused the accident, and as a result you suffered an injury.  We understand that it isn’t always clear whether or not someone else caused the accident especially when it occurred at work due to medical negligence, or lack of safety, health or training.

We will assess your knee injury’s full impact

We understand that knee injuries may restrict your mobility, and are limiting and painful.  They may leave you unable to place weight on your joint, move your leg, or prevent you from participating in hobbies and sports, going to work, driving, or walking.  You may feel frustrated and upset in addition to being in physical pain, and most likely you will have to rely on family and friends.  We understand that money cannot take all of this away, however, compensation can help you get started with putting things back to where they were before your injury.  Compensation can help you pay for rehabilitation, medication, and medical treatment, in addition to covering those lost earnings you have suffered due to having to take time off of work.  It may also help you be able to repay those who have helped you during this time.

Did your misdiagnosis result in unnecessary distress or injury?

Trusting that your GP will make a sound diagnosis is only natural.  Generally they are the first ones we turn to when we aren’t feeling well.  However, occasionally, doctors diagnose a condition incorrectly, which can lead to psychological distress, further injury or both.

We can help if you have suffered due to the negligence of a hospital.

Everyone is entitled to having a high standard of care. When receiving treatment at a hospital you deserve to be able to feel safe.  Although these high standards are met by most medical staff and hospitals, there are certain situations where negligence or mistakes may cause complications.  If either you or one of your loved ones has suffered due to the negligence of a hospital, it like has affected your income, career, social and family life, in addition to being very physically painful.  Hospital negligence in some cases may have life-changing consequences.  Compensation can help ensure you get the treatment and support that you need.  It can help to also cover whatever financial impacts you have had, like the expense of having to be off of work.  That way you can fully focus on recovering.

Why should a dental negligence claim be made?

You are in a position of needing to trust when you are seeking medical advice.  If a medical professional betrays that trust and the symptoms you have are made worse due to a mistake or inaction, that can feel very wrong.  Pain is caused by dental negligence. It may leave you being unable to function normally – and in certain cases, the injuries that you sustain may be life changing.  There is a ‘duty of care’ that all dental professionals are legally obligated to so that you are kept safe.  It is their obligation to ensure they take reasonable care so that you are not harmed.  If your dentist fails in their duty of care, then it can have significant effects on your life.  We are here to help make things right for you.  It might seem daunting to make a dental negligence claim, but we have seen what a difference it can make to a person’s life to make a compensation claim.  It can provide you with the necessary financial support during your recover as well as into the future and receive the apology that you fully deserve.