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Injury Lawyers Edinburgh,
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  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Personal Injury Lawyers Edinburgh

If you’ve have suffered an accident and were not to blame, then our injury attorneys can help you claim compensation through our No-Win, No-Fee service.

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Welcome to our Personal Injury Attorneys Edinburgh website! Thank you for visiting. If you were involved in an accident and got hurt and it wasn’t your fault, then you are entitled to claim compensation. We at Personal Injury Claims Edinburgh have over 15-years’ experience in pursuing maximum benefits for our clients. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your claim will be well looked after, guaranteeing you the maximum entitled compensation for any of your injuries.

Our claims contact line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All our staff are well-trained professionals willing to help you understand the different processes involved and will give you straightforward, clear advice about your claim. Our injury attorneys are customer-focused and are always on hand to make your claim process as simple and as straightforward as possible, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Edinburgh Personal Injury Claims Process

Fully-Funded Guarantee
All our compensation claims are entirely financed which means that you don’t have to pay anything should your claim be unsuccessful.

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Personal Injury Expertise

From accidents at work or public transport accidents, our team has depth and breadth when it comes to personal injury experience. Our lawyers are experienced and highly skilled professionals in different areas of accident claims. These include:

  • Trips, slips and falls
  •  Accident at work
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Building site accidents
  • Public place accidents
  • Cycling accidents
  • Car accident claims
  • Animal injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Office injury claims
  • Industrial accidents
  • Public transport claims
  • Victim of crime compensation
  • Oil rig injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Stress at work claims
  • Product liability claims
  • Professional Negligence

Hiring the Right Personal Injury Lawyers in Edinburgh to Help With your Claims

Did you get hurt during an accident in Edinburgh? The accident that you were in may have been caused by someone else, such as a complete stranger driving down any Edinburgh road with you. Regardless of the type of accident you were in, if you have suffered from injuries and were not at fault, you need legal representation. We want to help you with filing a claim to seek compensation for everything you have endured.

Personal Injury Lawyers Edinburgh – We Have the Experienced Needed

Our Edinburgh professional legal team has the experience to help clients with these frustrating cases that often take so much of their energy because of everything they have gone through. We realise you are likely going through a lot and experience way too much stress, which is why we do not charge our clients in the beginning for representation. In fact, if we are unable to get you the compensation you are hoping to receive, you are not going to need to worry about paying us for the service.

Our process involves assessing the claim, providing advice, and helping with the filing process, all of which may be complicated for a person who has just been injured and is feeling stressed out. Our team members are friendly, caring, and fully prepared to help you. In fact, you can visit the testimonials section of our website to see what some of our clients are saying about the service they received from us. We care about all our clients and want to help them get compensated quickly.

While auto accidents are some of the most common personal injury cases we take on regularly, we have the ability to help people who have been in all kinds of accidents. Some of these accidents include work-related injuries, slip and falls, injuries in the office, and even medical-related injuries that may have occurred at the doctor’s office or even in a hospital environment. We realise unfortunate accidents can occur just about anywhere and that is why we are willing to take on so many different types of accident cases for our clients.

Did you know roughly 22,000 individuals in the UK will end up suffering from serious injuries due to an accident that occurred on the road? These numbers may start rising now that there are plenty of additional vehicles and bicycles on the road at once. When a person gets into an accident despite doing nothing wrong and following the rules, he or she can and should file a claim that goes to the negligent person’s insurance company. If at all possible, it helps to take pictures and have documentation of the exact moments that caused the accident to occur.

Edinburgh Vehicle Accidents

An accident that occurs while you are in a vehicle can have such a negative impact on your life and the lives of others who may have been inside of the vehicle at that moment. These accidents can cause massive injuries and damage to the vehicle. When a person is severely injured in an accident involving their vehicle, it may be difficult for them to return to work, which will cause them to lose out on the income they were once earning.

Edinburgh Work-Related Accidents

When an employee works for a business, the employee has the right to expect to work in a safe environment. An employer must make sure the workplace is safe while providing safety gear if it is necessary. When an employer does not take those proper precautionary measures to protect his or her employees and then someone gets injured, they have the right to file a claim because their employer was slacking and clearly did not care enough to do anything possible to protect the employees from injuries.
When injured while at work, you must make a report of the accident that occurred. It will eventually be used as evidence when you are making a claim against your employer due to everything you have gone through. Our team of expert lawyers would be able to help you with completing a claim due to the work-related injuries you have sustained.

Different Types of Personal Injuries in Edinburgh

Personal Injury Lawyers Edinburgh – There are so many people who have suffered from injuries because of another person and there are thousands more who will suffer the same fate in the future. In fact, over 620,000 different injuries have occurred in the UK while people are at work! a place they have likely deemed safe. These are just the numbers for work-related injuries but imagine the numbers for injuries that have occurred on the road, outside, or even inside of an establishment.

There are many things that can go wrong after an accident takes place. In addition to suffering from a lot of pain due to injuries, the injured person may have to miss weeks or even months from work, may suddenly suffer from chronic pain, and may no longer be able to do the things he or she could once do. It becomes depressing for the injured person because the new way of life is no way to live life at all. If this is the situation you are in, you deserve compensation because you have gone through something so traumatic that has negatively impacted your life.

The Claim Process

If you are ready to get started and would like to make a claim, you can get in touch with one of our experienced claims handlers to discuss the situation. You should be prepared to explain everything, such as what happened that day and what types of injuries you have sustained. When making a claim, it is important to have evidence that backs up everything you are saying. Our team members will need to ask you some genuinely important questions that will help with the claims process.

In some cases, you may not be able to file a claim. For example, if you were the one who caused the accident or if you have waited too long, making a claim may not be possible. We recommend contacting one of our team members to discuss your personal situation and to find out if you will be able to make a claim or not. We will need some evidence to support your claims of injuries, including any medical records you have as well as medications and treatment plans that have been recommended to you.

We want to help you make a claim because of what you have experienced, but we would like to make sure you are receiving medical attention from a physician. You should make an appointment with the doctor for a full examination and continue seeking treatment at the hospital if it is something that has been suggested to you. When you are seeing the doctor regularly, he or she will make note of all your medical issues and those documents may be used to help you with your claim because they are typically used as evidence.

Many people decide to file a claim due to the injuries they have, but you can file a claim for additional reasons, too. For example, if you are losing out on some money because you cannot work or if you are suffering mentally and emotionally because of the traumatic experience you went through, you can make a request to receive compensation for these additional problems.

Why You Should Choose Us to Help You

If you are looking for experienced, qualified professionals with more than a decade of experience helping people who have been injured and need to file personal injury claims, we are the right people to hire to help you out. We know that many of our clients have never been in a situation like this before in their lives and we are prepared to help them get through it. We keep the lines of communication open and are readily available to assist anyone who needs our help, whether they are calling early in the morning, late at night, or even on the weekend. Our legal experts want to make a difference in the lives of people who have suffered due to someone’s negligence.

The first thing you can do is reach out to one of our team members to discuss your situation. After you have gone over the situation in detail, a representative will let you know if it is possible for you to make a claim based on your personal injuries. We will let you know what types of information you are going to need to gather to help support the claim you are making against another person who may have caused your injuries due to his or her own negligence. We proudly operate on a no win, no fee basis because we believe in supporting our clients and helping them win before getting paid.

The Value of Your Claim

Many of the clients we have want to know how much money they will be able to receive based on the claim they are making, but the total amount will vary based on several different factors, including the types of injuries you have endured, the amount of money you are losing out on due to not being able to work, and the cost of other things you may need to pay for, such as counseling and medical expenses from the accident. Although the amount may vary, we will do what we can to provide you with the best estimate possible.

If you are a resident of Edinburgh or even if you live in other parts of the UK, we can help you with the claims process. Remember that it is important to make a claim within three years of sustaining injuries, so it is a wise decision to reach out to us now instead of waiting too long. If you wait too long, you may not be entitled to receive the money you deserve to have based on all your injuries.


Do We Have a Lot of Experience?

Before working with us, you may want to know more about the experience we have. We have been working in the UK and providing services to clients in Edinburgh as well as other areas in the country. We are devoted to the work we do and will fight for our clients to get compensation. We have helped thousands of people over the last decade and we plan to continue helping people for many years to come.

Our dedication to our work is what sets us apart and makes it easier for us to maintain such a great claims record. We want to help you get through this experience with minimal stress because we know you are already going through so much and truly just need to get help due to your situation. When you call us to receive help with the claims process, you can focus less on the stress and more on your recovery process while we handle a lot of the work for you. Consult with us for free – you are not obligated to make a claim if you do not wish to move forward with one.

Our no win, no fee service means you pay nothing out of pocket. If you lose the case, you pay nothing. If you win, you can pay your legal fees after you have already received the compensation. We believe in this service because we do not want to put more of a financial strain on our clients when they are already in a financial rut.

Edinburgh Solicitors – Receive Representation

While you may assume that you will need to receive representation from a local solicitor, that is not necessarily the case. Even if you are not currently living in the Edinburgh area, we may still be able to assist you if you are living in other areas of the UK. It is much easier to keep the communication flowing while assisting clients via phone and email, which is why staying local is not necessarily a necessity.

If you are ready to find out if you can file a claim, give us a call today to speak to one of our team members who will listen to the details about your case and let you know how to move forward with the process. Once you have completed the call and have agreed to make the claim because you are ready to fight back after all you have been through, we can start gathering all the information required to support that claim while working feverishly to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

No-Win, No-Fee Lawyers

We fully understand that suffering injuries is the last thing anyone would want and the last thing you want to concern yourself with is legal fees. That’s why we will do everything we can to take care of things for you. We operate an insurance-backed scheme, and that means that you don’t have to pay any legal fees. Our “no-win, no-fee” plan means that even if your claim were unsuccessful, you wouldn’t have to pay any legal fees. That means that you can focus on recovering and getting better as best as you can, for more information about our no-win, no-fee arrangement.

Personal Injury Lawyers Edinburgh. Our injury attorneys have tons of experience in all sorts of claims. We are also experienced in acquiring expert reports from professional physicians so you can rest assured that every aspect of the injury is taken into account once we start pursuing compensation for you. If your injuries require long-term care needs or impact your ability to make money or progress your career, then we can ensure that you get compensated and that the costs agreed upon offer financial stability. Our attorneys will fight and do everything in their power to get you the kind of compensation that you deserve.

Contact our professional personal injury lawyers Edinburgh

Our personal injury claims attorneys Edinburgh provide expert services. If you work or live in Edinburgh and have reason to make an accident or personal claim in Edinburgh, then give us a call today. We can help take all the anxiety and stress of making personal injury claims from you. We believe that you need to be given time and space to recover from all your injuries safe in the knowledge that you have a professional team of attorneys fighting for you. We take pride in our professional approach and in the fact that you instruct us in the confidence of our ability to pursue maximum compensation entitlement. Contact one of our work accident claims attorneys on 0131 357 3783 or visit our website for more information. You can get in touch with us online by filling out our enquiry form to contact one of our Professional injury lawyers in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh Slip and Falls

Did you know many employees end up injured at work because they slipped? Upon slipping on something, they may have fallen to the floor and ended up hurting themselves. A slip may not seem like a big deal, but it becomes problematic when a person hits their head or hurts their back and is suddenly suffering from chronic pain because of it. Other work-related injuries tend to occur when a person is working around large machinery or working with animals.

The courts tend to understand that certain injuries impact the way a person lives their life. If a person cannot live life the way he or she once did due to a serious injury, it becomes a problem. It is not fair for anyone to need to go through life while experiencing chronic pain and feeling frustrated because of negligence. We take the time to work with some of the leading medical experts and professionals working in the health care industry. We want to make sure our clients are getting the financial support, regardless of the severity of their injuries.

There are times when catastrophic injuries occur, and a person may need to have something amputated. The compensation received is often much higher for those dealing with catastrophic injuries because they are so drastic. These catastrophic injuries include amputations, missing limbs, and more. Although they are rarer, they are severe and can drastically change a person’s way of life.

Edinburgh car road accident claims. Most claims we deal with are often as a result of road accidents. Road traffic related accidents include those that occur on public transportation mediums like trains, trams, and buses. Road accidents may also involve other transportation means like bicycles, HGVs, motorbikes, lorries, or cars. It doesn’t matter if you were a passenger, pedestrian or driver, you can still claim injuries caused during the accident due to some other person’s negligence.

Accordion Content

Though a lot has been done to improve workplace safety and working conditions, a lot of accidents still occur in workplaces every year. Workplace related accidents come in a variety of forms from falls from height to mechanical faults and slip and trips and it’s a good idea to report any accident to your employer so they can take note can be made in the company’s accident book. The consequences of such accidents can be quite severe and can make it hard to get back to work, which could result in a loss of earnings. If you’ve been involved in a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve full compensation for your loss. Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly professionals for a no obligation about to make a claim compensation.

With more people turning to cycling every year, the number of people involved in bike and cycling accidents has considerably increased. Our team of professional attorneys will fight hard to win the compensation you deserve, so give us a call today and find out how we can help.

Medical operations and procedures in the UK generally adhere to very high and strict standards. However, in some cases, thing go wrong, and mistakes are made. Medical negligence may include but isn’t limited to incorrect treatment, injuries resulting from treatment, and misdiagnosis. If your physician failed to meet the expected standards, you could make a compensation claim against their ignorance.

Getting involved in an accident can be quite traumatic. While some people escape with minor bruising and cuts, some aren’t so lucky, experiencing severe injuries that may lead to lifelong mobility or disabilities problems. Car accidents can be way worse especially when the involved driver was uninsured. The good thing though is that even if they were uninsured, you still could make a claim against them. Our team of lawyers are highly experienced in this area of claims, so give us a call today to learn more about how we can be of assistance.

We at Personal Injury Lawyers Edinburgh don’t believe that each claim is identical. We always take the time to listen and answer every question you have. It is only after we have carefully considered your circumstances that will we counsel you on what we think should the approach to mounting the claim. Our attorneys will explore more about the nature of your damages and the impact they’ve had on your life. They’ll then use that information to calculate the sum of compensation you should receive from your claim. The number of years we have been working as personal injury attorneys have allowed us to earn a lot of experience when it comes to claims and compensation and that has helped us better understand the importance of clarity, especially when it comes to dealing with claims for financial compensation and legal arguments. Compensation levels will vary depending on several factors. Compensation awards are affected by considerations like the kind of injury experienced, its severity, the pain experienced, and the accident’s impact on your working and social life. We’ve prepared guides on some of the typical compensation levels for injuries like:

Sports Injuries Claim

  • Claim for Injuries while Horse Riding
  • Football Accidents Claims
  • Gym Accidents Compensation
  • Rugby Injuries Compensation

Accidents at Work Claim

  • Asbestosis Compensation
  • Mesothelioma Claims
  • Back Injuries Compensation
  • Compensation for Carpal Tunnel
  • Chemical Accidents Compensation
  • Compensation for RSI
  • Construction/Building Site Injuries
  • Factory Accidents Claims
  • Farm Injuries Compensation
  • Faulty Equipment Claims
  • Fork Lift Injuries Compensation
  • Loss of Hearing Compensation
  • Industrial Deafness
  • Industrial Diseases
  • Ladder Falls Compensation
  • Military Injuries Compensation
  • Scaffolding Injuries Compensation
  • White Finger Vibration Claims
Serious Accidents
  • Amputation or Loss of Limbs Claim
  • Brain Injuries Claim
  • Broken Bone Compensations
  • Burns Claims
  • Chronic Pain Claim
  • Claim for Internal Injuries
  • Paralysis Claims
  • Scarring Compensation
  • Fatal Injuries Claim
  • Multiple Accidents Claim
  • Spinal Injuries Claim


Medical Neglect

  • A&E Claims
  • Birth Accidents Claims
  • Blood Clots Compensation
  • Cancer Malpractices Compensation
  • Care Homes Claims
  • Surgical Negligence
  • Cosmetic Surgery Claim
  • Dental Negligence Claim
  • GP Malpractice Claim
  • Hospital Negligence Claim
  • Meningitis Misdiagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis Compensations
  • NHS Negligence Compensations
  • Optician Negligence
  • Orthopaedic Injuries Compensation
  • Prescription Error Claim
  • Pressure Sores Claim

Traffic Injuries

  • Compensation for Bicycle Injury
  • Bus Accidents Claim
  • Compensation Car Injuries
  • Uninsured Drivers Claims
  • Lorry Accidents Compensation
  • Motorcycle Accidents Claim
  • Pedestrian Compensation
  • Taxi Injuries Compensation
  • Calculating a Whiplash Claim

Slips trips and Falls

  •  Falls Involving the Elderly
  •  Slips on Snow and Ice
  • Pavement Accidents Compensation
  • Playground Injuries Claim
  • Supermarket Accidents Claim