Lung Disease Claim Payout
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Lung Disease Claim Payout
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  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Lung Disease Claim Payouts Amounts

Quite often there is a relationship between workplace injuries and lung disease. It sometimes takes many years for them to finally be discovered, especially those that involve asbestos and other types of toxic materials that are often found in workplaces. Over time, these types of conditions tend to continue to get worse and the level of compensation often reflects the patient’s medical outlook for the future.

The awards below apply no matter what the illness’s source is. Illnesses that relate to asbestos are dealt with here.

£66,100 – £89,100 This level of compensation is usually considered to be appropriate for young people who have a serious disability when there is a probability that their condition with become progressively worse and lead to an early death.

£51,600 – £66,100 The court considered an award at this level when lung cancer is developed by the sufferer which is very detrimental to the person’s quality of life.

£36,100 – £51,600 For diseases like emphysema which cause sleep disturbance and/or coughing or the deterioration of lung function. There could also be a reduction in the level and kind of employment prospects and physical activity that the person can do.

£20,600 – £36,100 If using an inhaler is required due to the illness or injury, difficulty in breathing is involved,and there is a bleak or uncertain medical prognosis, then compensation at this level will be awarded by the court. It is also required to have an effect on the person’s working and social life.

£13,750 – £20,600 This compensation level is awarded when there is wheezing and/or breathlessness that effects the person’s social life. The person will have anxiety about their future as well.

£7,100 – £13,750 If the person suffers from breathlessness but it doesn’t effect their working life and there is a chance of almost total or total recovery within a couple of years then this level of compensation is awarded.

£1,550 – £7,100 This level of compensation is awarded for cases that are less serious, where there is nearly total recovery within a couple of months. Aggravations of such conditions as bronchitis are part of this range.

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