Finger Injury Claim Payout
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Finger Injury Claim Payout
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  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Finger Injury Claim Payouts Amounts

Understanding Injuries of The Finger

A chart and category representing likely reward amount for severity and form of injury. This is a guideline based on court case data. All cases are different, but this gives information on a large sample size from previous personal injury and workers compensation type injuries. Use this information as a guide, and not as the exact amount that is to be rewarded. These amounts will vary by several factors, but these amounts are close to what is typically award based on the severity, location, lasting damage, chronic pain, disruption of employment, prevention of future injuries and wage disruption via injuries. A schedule of severity compensating award amounts to the injured party by bracket of injury,

Middle and/or Ring: Amputation Index : £40,650 – £59,500

The awarded sequence above from little use of the hand, deterioration of strength in the grip.

Fracture of Severe Nature in Finger : as much as £24,100

Amputation and substantial deformity is where a much higher amount of award is possible.

Fingers and Their Injuries

£2,600 : £23,000 Where and which finger is injured will determine the award amount. Obviously, middle and index fingers will amount to a higher award. Metrics such as the need for surgery, the style of injury, diagnosis, if amputation is needed are major factors.

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Exposure to vibration is known to cause the common condition of vibration white finger. As a progressive chronic problem, vibration white finger is caused by a long duration, length of duration, severity of vibration issues.

The law has a scale system for making compensation amounts for vibration white finger. Assessed independently, fingers and hands are examined and assessed. level of disablement, condition impact, employment opportunities damaged are all metrics used to determine award amounts for the sufferer.

Follows are the price brackets

Highest for serious injuries £20,750 : £25,250

Not only for individual fingers but for the entire hand, this is the amount that will be awarded.

When it is serious £11,000 : £20,750

When it is moderate £5,7000 : £11,000

When it is minor £2,000 : £5,7000