Brain Damage Claim Payout
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Brain Damage Claim Payout
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Brain Damage Compensation Claim Payout

Brain Damage Compensation Calculation

* Minor Head Injury: £1,450 – £8,400

This is an appropriate award in cases with minimal brain damage. The exact amount of compensation will depend upon the severity of the initial injury, the length of the recovery process, and any ongoing symptoms, such as headaches.

* Minor Brain Damage Calculation

This category is intended for victims who make a good recovery and regain control of the majority of their faculties. The long-term impact of the injury on the victim’s social and professional life will be minimal. Incidental long-term difficulties, such as mood swings and problems with concentrating, may impede the victim’s full enjoyment of work, leisure, and social interaction. Courts will factor in the severity of the initial injury, the permanence of any long-term disabilities, the severity of personality changes, if any, and the presence or absence of depression when making awards in this category.

* Moderate Brain Damage Calculation

This category is divided into three more specific sub-categories:

£28,250 – £59,500 Cases at this level feature measurable negative effects on the sufferer’s concentration and memory. This amount of brain damage reduces the victim’s ability to work and increases their risk of epilepsy. At this level, victims are not normally reliant on others for assistance in their day-to-day lives.

£59,500 – £98,500 Awards in this range are assigned to cases where the long-term impact of the injury is more severe. Victims will experience some moderate reduction in intellect. The ability to work is significantly reduced or lost entirely. Epilepsy risks are significant.

£98,500 – £144,000 This range is awarded in cases where sufferers experience moderate to severe reductions in intellect, permanent personality changes, specific language impairment prognosis, and complete loss of employment prospects.

* Significant Brain Damage: £144,000 – £185,000

This bracket is reserved for individuals who are seriously disabled by their injury. There is normally a significant and constant need for professional assistance in personal care. This sort of brain damage may cause physical (e.g. limb paralysis) and/or cognitive (e.g. personality and intellect impairment) disability. Among the factors considered by the court in these cases are: the sufferer’s life expectancy, the degree of dependence on care provided by others, the extent of physical limitations, communication ability, behavioural abnormalities, and epileptic problems.

* Severe Brain Damage: £185,000 – £265,000

This level of compensation is intended for sufferers who are left minimally responsive to their environment in the aftermath of their injury. Language functions will be limited or entirely absent, and the individual will require full-time professional care on a permanent basis. Sufferers in this category may still have the ability to respond to basic commands.

Setting the amount of awards for severe brain damage will depend on a sufferer’s life expectancy, the extent of their physical limitations, and the amount of ‘insight’ and awareness the sufferer retains after their injury.