Back Injuries Claim Payout
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Back Injuries Claim Payout
  • Specialist Nationwide Legal Assistance
  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Back Injuries Claim Payouts Amounts

Spine Injuries

Compensation for Quadriplegia: £201,600 – £265,100

Compensation for Paraplegia: £144,100 – £186,600

Back Injuries

Compensation for severe back injuries: £66,100 – £111,100 These are the most severe injuries but that still fall short of paralysis. Normally those cases involved related, other consequences like incontinence or impotence.

In the £53,000 range This compensation level is specifically awarded to back injuries that take them outside of the regular context off what is considered to be a back injury. They are cases leading to or involving such issues as scarring, sexual problems, or bladder impairment that might result in further complications in the future.

£25,600 – £45,850 Injuries which may lead to fractures of vertebrae or discs or disc lesions that lead to ongoing discomfort and disabilities. Those might be associated with arthritis, sexual problems, loss of agility, continuing discomfort or pain, or loss of employment as well.

Compensation for moderate back injuries

£18,350 – £25,600 This compensation bracket is comprised of a wide range of injuries. This compensation level is normally awarded when there is a significant risk of osteoarthritis along with continuing discomfort and pain. There might also be spinal fusion and/or sexual function impairment.

£8,350 – £18,350 This compensation bracket includes numerous back injuries that are commonly encountered like disturbances to the muscles and ligaments. Normally they are soft tissue injuries. The original injury’s severity and the chances of chronic or permanent disability will be considered by the court.

Minor Back Injuries

No minimum – £8,350 This includes all other soft-tissue injuries, strains, and sprains where nearly total or total recovery is expected to occur within five years maximum.