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Have A Knee Injury Claim?
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Knee Injury Claims

A knee injury is something that can wind up having a tremendous impact on your daily routine. We’ve provided this content to serve as your guide to the process of potentially making your compensation claim.

We investigate knee injury compensation claims and all personal injury on a no win no fee basis, so if you have sustained an injury and wish to make a knee injury claim your pain and suffering need not be in vain, you could be due significant compensation.

We do assessments of how much a knee injury impacts someone:

We understand that any knee injury is a painful affair that limits what you can do, limits your leg movement and can cause general misery. Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, it might leave you powerless to put any weight on that joint or even move your leg. You might not be able to do your job, enjoy hobbies and sports, or even drive or walk.

In addition to physical pain, you might feel emotionally frustrated, especially if you’re reliant on family and friends.

Of course, money can’t undo all this, but financial compensation might help you start getting back to how life used to be.

Any compensation you get might help you pay bills you accumulate for medication, treatment, and rehab, and even help you make up for earnings you lose if you miss work. You might even help repay anyone around you if they’ve given time in assisting you.

On 0808 164 9153, you can reach out to our friendly staff. Your conversation is confidential. Our advice is both supportive and free, as we will give a good idea about whether or not you have a legitimate shot at making a knee injury claim.

Common Causes Of Knee Injury Claims:

1) Car Accident – Often knee injury claims come from car accidents which can include injuries to the cruciate ligament, knee sprains, serious knee injury and all types of knee hyperextension and other injuries suffered.
2) Slips trips and falls – These can often lead to serious knee injuries, sometimes knee sprains, a dislocated knee and other more severe knee injuries, slips and trips are a common cause of claims for knee injury compensation.
3) Sports Injuries – Many severe knee injuries come from participation in sports, and whilst it’s always advisable to stay active and healthy sometimes participation can lead to injury of the knee, a dislocated knee from a sporting accident is a common occurance.

Just speaking to us doesn’t come with any obligations, but if you do choose to proceed, we can get you involved with a dedicated personal injury solicitor that specialises in knee injury claims. He or she will then work with you throughout the process.

Regarding knee injury compensation:

How much compensation you might be entitled to for a knee injury will depend on a number of factors, not the least of which might be how much the injury has impacted your life and how serious it is.

Your compensation might also provide assistance in covering specific things you and your loved ones face, including but not limited to:

Missed earnings due to time away from work
Accumulated medical costs, including care, medication, treatment, and prescription charges
Costs for travel and related expenses
Any impact on your hobbies, sports, and social life
Any pain and suffering you experience
Provided knee injury care, even if done so freely by a family member or friend
The specialist solicitor working with you will work hard to see to it that all expenses and impacts resulting from your injury get covered in full by compensation you receive, so that you don’t get stuck with any out-of-pocket finances left to recover.

Your specialist solicitor will also work to make your claim happen on a basis of no win, no fee. This simply means that an unsuccessful claim won’t cost you anything. If the claim is successful, then your solicitor will take a fee payment that you’ve previously agreed to.

We have a compensation calculator that can provide a guideline estimate after you answer a few simple questions.

Kinds of knee injuries:

Knee injuries have the power to impact the tendons, cartilage, ligaments, bones, and muscles which comprise the larger knee structure.

Even a mild knee injury might create discomfort and trouble doing something simple like walking. However, in a number of cases, they can also be quite serious, creating permanent damage that changes your life. Fractures:

If one or more bones inside the knee break, then this is called a fracture. Given how much impact any fracture might have on a person’s life, this kind of injury is often thought to be quite serious.

The knee cap is also known as the patella, and it can get fractured or dislocated. This can mean long-running or even permanent problems in some cases. A severe fracture can mean the knee cap breaking into more than one piece, and surgical repairs might be needed.

Claims for Injuries to Knee cartilage:

Your meniscus is made from cartilage, and it’s basically the shock absorber of your knee. A damaged meniscus can happen if a knee joint get bent and also twisted.

A meniscus knee injury can dictate rest, as well as time away from work. Full recovery sometimes means surgery followed by rehabilitation. Even then, long-running consequences like osteoarthritis might happen.

Knee ligament injuries

A torn ligament inside your knee might happen from excess strain. This kind of knee injury can possibly make you feel unstable when walking or running or participating in a sport.

An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury is a frequent kind of ligament tear, but you might also experience PCL or MCL injuries too.

A torn ligament typically requires long-running treatment and support, be it surgery, physiotherapy, or just specialised equipment.

Injuries to muscles surrounding the knee:

Your range of motion and power in your knee might be impacted by damage to muscles in your legs. For instance, you might tear, strain, or overly stretch your quadriceps or hamstrings, which can create various symptoms ranging from weakness and swelling to pain and bruising.

A torn muscle can heal with time and exercise, but physiotherapy or other treatments might be necessary.

Soft tissue knee injury compensation

How Much Can I Expect To Win For A Soft Tissue Compensation Settlement?

Compensation for soft tissue knee injury claims often reaches approximately £10,000-£11,000 (with £10,400) being an approximate figure which can be considered an average payout figure.

Knee injury causes:

Various kinds of accidents can create different knee injuries. They might be caused when a knee gets jolted or twisted suddenly, or if a joint suffers a blow or an impact. That might happen from a trip or slip in public or even from a road accident in traffic.

Medical negligence is also an unfortunate reality, given that delayed treatments and surgical errors might trigger knee injuries. Physicians and medical staff always have a duty to treat patients properly, so you might have a claim to make if your injury is the fault of them or their negligent conduct.

Regardless of the specific cause behind your knee injury, if the cause was due to someone else and it happened to you in the previous 36 months, we might be in a position to assist you. Contact us right away on 08081649153 at no cost to you so you can discover if you’re able to claim.

Or, use the claim checker tool we provide.