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Organ Injury Claims – No Win No Fee
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  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Organ Injury Claims (How Much Could I Be Owed In Payouts?)

We handle organ injury claims of all types, all compensation claims are handled on a no win no fee basis, as with all personal injury compensation claims.

Injuries to the internal organs can happen easier than people may imagine, and not only that they are more common than people expect, internal damage to organs and similar injuries to muscular regions are commonplace in todays’ society, whether it comes as the result of a road traffic accident, surgical error, or other cause resulting in internal damage and injury.

Below are some common examples of organ injury claims:

Kidney Injury Compensation

If you or a loved one has suffered from any of the injuries discussed above, and someone else was at fault, contact us today.

£2,100 – £4,950 This level of compensation is for uncomplicated inguinal hernias where there is no permanent damage or associated injuries.

£4,700 – £6,100 This is an appropriate aware for direct inguinal hernias where there is some risk of them reoccurring.

£9,850 – £15,950 This level of compensation is considered to be appropriate when pain is continuous and/or participation and enjoyment is limited in work sport, or physical activity.

Among manual professions hernias are sometimes common injuries. Click here to get more advice if you were injured at work.

Hernia Injury Compensation

£15,500 – £20,600 In these situations there is some long-term inference with the bladder’s natural function but a near complete recovery is expected.

£42,100 – £52,600 This compensation level is awarded when bladder control is seriously impaired and there are is also incontinence and pain associated with it.

Up to £92,100 This is considered to be appropriate compensation when there is total loss of control and function of the bladder.

Bladder Injury Compensation

£8,350 – £16,100 This is an appropriate compensation level where some permanent damage occurs but regular function recovers eventually.

£29,350 – £45,850 This level of compensation will be awarded in severe abdominal injury cases where a temporary colostomy is necessary and functioning of the bowels is impaired. There also might be restrictions on the levels or types of diet and employment as well.

Up to £98,600 This level of awarded will be given when natural function is totally lost and there is colostomy dependence. Age is also considered.

Bowel injury is very serious, a perforated bowel for example can be potentially lethal, and the mortality rate for people who suffer with a perforated bowel is around 30%.

Bowel Injury Compensation

£20,350 – £30,100 This level of compensation is awarded when one kidney is lost but the other does not suffer any damage.

Up to £42,100 Compensation that is awarded when there is ‘significant risk’ that natural function of the kidney will be lost or urinary tract infections will occur in the future.

£111,100 – £138,100 Loss of, or serious damage to both kidneys.

All types of organ injury may be subject to special damages and loss of earnings where applicable.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgical procedures can often result in organ damage or injury if there is a degree of professional and medical negligence found within the case, with kidney injury being a common side effect along with injuries to the stomach and other areas, it is also possible to sustain a chest injury from certain cosmetic procedures.

To be able to claim compensation, the internal damage must have not been your fault and as the result of either a third party or an external force.

Abdominal injuries affecting internal organs can often be the result of a third party even if you don’t believe that to be the case, so it is worth reaching out to us an allowing us to assess your potential organ injury claim.

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