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If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
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Mis Sold SIPPs Pension Compensation Claims | No Win No Fee Solicitors

Mis Sold SIPPs Self-Invested Private Pensions Compensation Claims

To kick things off, you will need to answer some easy questions.

  • Have You Lost Cash Through Self-Invested Private Pensions Or Other Investments?
  • Check whether you qualify for thousands in terms of compensation for being mis-sold a SIPP.
  • You may have been mi-sold, if you were advised to invest your retirement fund into a SIPP.

We will then look into your possible Self-Invested Private Pension compensation claim. To ensure that you get the necessary compensation, we will handle everything on your behalf. Call Us Now At 0808 164 9153 For A Free Consultation

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To Facilitate A Simple Claim Process, We Provide Specialist Claim Advisor Services to determine if:

Whether you are a victim of pressure selling or bad advice, make a claim for compensation.

  • You may qualify for compensation if you were advised that investing in a SIPP could help you avoid taxation
  • You may qualify for compensation if the risks involved were never explained to you
  • If you encountered unexpected hidden fees, you may qualify for compensation
  • Did You Lose Money Through SIPPs or Other Investments?
  • Have you invested in Investment Bonds, ISAs, SIPPs or Unit Trusts and lost money?

You may qualify for a claim for compensation which may run into £000’s.

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPPs): What Is It?

The term SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) refers to a government approved personal pension scheme. Over one million UK nationals have taken advantage of SIPPs to grow their pension fund, after their introduction back in 1989. Since they depend on the performance of what the money goes into, SIPPs are said to be riskier that other types of investments.

Some properties, investments connected to environmental projects and investments abroad are specifically considered to be high risk. Unfortunately, a huge number of investors have lost their investment, mostly lifelong savings, due to the fact that SIPPs were mis-sold on a wide scale. The FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) has, after the revelation of the mis-sold SIPPs scandal, set up a hundred million pound compensation fund to settle mis-sold SIPPs claims.

If you identify with the following, then it’s likely that you are a victim of mis-selling. As such, you may have the grounds to make a SIPPs claim for compensation.

  • Lack Of Knowledge: This applies to new investors who were advised to purchase an investment that they didn’t understand.
  • Bad Advice: This applies to those who were in a pension fund that was well matched to their present and future needs but were advised to transfer their investment.
  • Victims of Pressure/Hard Selling tactics: This applies to anyone who felt like they were pushed into an investment that they were never comfortable with from the start.
  • Misadvised About The Taxes Involved: This applies to any investor who was not informed about the 55 percent income tax involved in investments surpassing the £40,000 annual limit.
  • Tax Avoidance Strategy: This applies to any investor who was advised that investing in a SIPP would help them avoid paying taxes.
  • Hidden Fees: This applies to investors who were never informed of any hidden fees involved at any point of the investment process.
  • Misrepresentation Of The Level Of Risk Involved: This applies to investors who were never informed of any possible effects or risk level of investing in property.

Reasons To Check Your MisSold SIPPs

  • Thousands of pounds worth of SIPP investments were mis-sold to unsuspecting investors
  • Compensation amounts for those who were mis-sold underperforming SIPP investments are as high as £50,000

Safeguard Your Pension Fund

1 in 8 individuals is a victim of mis-sold investments, like a pension, according to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Your Window Of Opportunity Is Closing

Since the government will not be handing out compensation for SIPP claims forever, your window of opportunity is closing.

Ease Your Mind

Are you worried that your pension fund is gone because you were mis-sold a SIPP? Take advantage of our Free SIPP Check to ease your mind.

Have you been missold a SIPPs pension? If so, then you should file a compensation claim. In fact, this could be the smartest move you’ve made in a longtime.

There are thousands of mis-sold SIPPs pensions out there. Every year, people are mis-sold SIPPs. This is especially the case throughout the last six or seven years.

One of the biggest problems with pension schemes and investments is that people who undertake them are taking a huge risk and those pensions aren’t suitable for them. Detecting risky pension schemes is difficult. That is unless you actually know what to look for.

This is where TheYEC comes into play. TheYEC has the experience, knowledge and can create a strategy that uncovers mis-sold pension schemes and The YEC can provide you with advice. They can even guide you through the process of getting your case to the right people if your financial adviser isn’t doing what they are supposed to be doing.

TheYEC has recovered many mis-sold SIPPs pensions, which means your potential claim will be in the most capable hands. Let us to do all the work involved with recovering your potential mis-sold SIPP claim.

Making A SIPP Pension Claim

No two mis-sold pensions claims are the same and a lot of people don’t enjoy chasing down information, making phone calls or going through a bunch of paperwork. They also don’t feel comfortable facing off with their former financial adviser. They might not want to go against the FSCS too.

We understand that you might not want to go at things alone. If so, then contact the specialists at TheYEC. They can provide you with a free initial assessment.

We will listen to you and we will let you know if you have a potential claim on your hands. If we think you do, we can pursue the claim on your behalf. Don’t worry though because we can represent you on a no win-no-fee basis.


Are All SIPPs In Operation Mis Sold SIPPs?

Not necessarily, however an awful lot of them are, personal pensions and the investments associated with them are so often sold into risky, half baked schemes with no real ethics applied or care for the private pensions’ of the victims who become involved in these arrangements.

Many peoples’ pensions have been invested into penny stocks and other risky investment items where their capital is at major risk, with no warning of what they are letting themselves in for or the losses they could incur as a result, all because the IFA (Independent financial adviser) or the SIPP introducer can have their commission for the sale, this is bad ethics and should be brought to justice.

Mis Sold Pension Compensation – How Much Compensation For A Mis Sold SIPP?

The amount of mis sold SIPP compensation (or compensation for a mis sold SIPP) can be up to £86,000, the amount of money which could be owed the victims of pension mis-selling is substantial.

Do You Have A SIPP Claim

Getting your head around whether or not you have been mis-sold is not easy. At least that’s the case for the average pension holder. In general, it’s usually your financial adviser’s fault or your IFA’s fault.

A person who provided you with pensions advice that is supposedly qualified to provide you with such advice could be at fault. It could also be someone at your bank or your pension provider who provided you with advice. What you want to do is figure out who sold you the pension and then you can go from there to figure out how everything got started. Did someone come to your house from out of nowhere, because this is a good place to start too.

An IFA could have done a lot of things or actually didn’t do that could mean you were mis-sold a SIPP pension. Do you want to know what some of them are? They include:

  • Did they assess your capacity for loss and risk
  • Did they analyze your past pension scheme
  • Did they check to see if your money would have been better in your previous pension
  • Did your IFA make big money by selling you the pension

Those are only a handful of examples of how you may have been mis-sold a SIPP pension. We can assess your case and situation to make sure you understand whether or not you have been mis-sold. After that, we can create a strategy to help you get the compensation that we believe you deserve.

If you are not sure whether you have been mis-sold a pension or you suspect you have been mis-sold a SIPPs pension and you want to do something about it, then contact us today. We can help you out. Remember, we offer free initial assessments, so you don’t have anything to lose by contacting us.

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