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If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
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Mis-sold Pensions Office Limited Compensation Claims | No Win No Fee Solicitors

Pensions Office Limited Loses Authorization

Claims against negligent or reckless advice provided by the Pensions Office Limited, based in South Yorkshire will not be paid as the company lost its Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorization a few years back in addition to the 2015 declaration of its default with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Are You Familiar With These Risky Investments?

You might be in a more exposed position if Pensions Office Limited recommended the investments listed below.

SIPP Investments in Storage Pods

A countless number of investors were advised to take out their pensions and put them into SIPPs to take advantage of Storage Pod investments, including the Store First scheme; a large number of these investors can make negligent financial advice claims.

Investors were encouraged to invest in storage pod investments through calls initiated by call centers and advertising agencies who claimed that investing in SIPPs would help them earn a fortune to fund their retirement; on hindsight however, investors were not aware of the fact that they were putting their money in high risk investments as the financial adviser mis-sold them storepods.

SIPP Investments in Freedom Bay St. Lucia

Freedom Bay is described as a dazzling eco luxury five star resort in St Lucia; the resort, made up of 1 and 2 bed villas, is said to be funded by investors.

The resort is yet to be finished years after money from investors, mostly drawn from SIPPs, was put into the project; this combined with the absence of a compensation plan, such as liquidation, designed to cover investors from losses has placed at risk the initial capital invested and expected return from the project.

The Importance Of Making A Pensions Office Limited Claim

Regular private and employer run pension schemes have seen huge transfers to Self-Invested Personal Pensions over the last six or seven years. Financial advisers, just like The Pensions Office, are the go to professionals when it comes to SIPPs.

As long as the IFAs used choose investments that are at par with your risk appetite, all is well. However, where risky and unregulated investments are chosen and end up failing, the result would be disastrous with regard to your retirement money. Investors would be left without a pension fund and no recourse from the authorities.

To help clients who have been mis-sold recover their retirement savings, YEC has recovered millions of pounds through mis-sold pension claims.

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