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If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
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Mis-sold Greyfriars Asset Management Compensation Claims | No Win No Fee Solicitors

Information About Greyfriars Asset Management SIPP Claims

About Greyfriars Asset Management LLP (DFM)

Greyfriars Asset Management LLP have closed this investment-portfolio management company, after being requested by the FCA and made an agreement to not place any more “new” money into its DFM Portfolios, especially the Portfolio Six permanently. It comes as no surprise that it has raised questions from individuals that took their advice from the IFA based in Leicester, particularly when they invested SIPPs into these types of portfolios.

What Does This Mean?

Unfortunately, the entire story is not yet clear, yet one of the ways to understand what is happening is to go through terminology that we have used, which why we had TheYEC specialists in pension mid-selling to break this down.

DFMs Discretionary Fund Manager or Management

DFM, is an abbreviation for Discretionary Fund Manager or Management. These fund managers have control over the portfolio associated with investments that fall under your own name, and then making investments in what this DFM thinks is the best, which happens to be at their own discretion.


Portfolios involve collections of investments, which is in this case Bonds. They can consist of a mixture of low and high-risk investments, all low-risk, or all-high risks. The type you decide to invest in will be usually be associated with your attitude towards risks, which means whether you are open to gambling, or maybe you prefer to play on the safe side. Where you matched up to the correct portfolio? Or perhaps you are at more at a risk than you originally thought?

Corporate Bonds

This is explained as a wrapper for the investments which gives you the title to the percentages of returns on profits which are generated by this company. These include a variety of types.

Greyfriars And The Portfolio Six

Even though Greyfriars has already stopped taking new money into all the DFM portfolios, The FCA has still centred their own decisions around Portfolio Six.

An article featured in CityWire, has given us information that since November 2016 Portfolio Six has about 1000 investors and about £40m under management.

We also now know that a few holdings inside these portfolios are inclusive of high-risk investments which are not FCA regulated. Some of these include:

Resort Group Related Claims

Invested your SSAS or SIPP pension in Resort Group Cape Verde?

Many people were persuaded and sold to transfer pensions into investments in the resorts such as Llana and Dunas beach which followed an extensive campaign involving cold-calling, high-pressure sales tactics, and Free pension reviews by many financial advisers and marketing firms that were unregulated, with many who seemed to ignore the obligations of advising in the best interest of their clients, which left millions of pounds in the clutches of The Resort Group, which is classified as a non-FCA regulated and high-risk investment.

We have worked on pension claims related to the Resort Group for a number of years now, with many which have finally reached a final end with a successful outcome when it come’s to our clients.

Mis-Sold Parking Spaces SIPP

An investment in the parking spaces through the SIPP type pensions might appear to be a good alternative to standard personal pensions, with the marketing firms and the investment offering returns in the region of 8% or more, which is in most cases a lot more in comparison to standardized interest rates.

Yet the investments in parking spaces are usually FCA unregulated and high-risk, which means the FSCS, FOS and FCA are not looking over the shoulder of the investment, and a few are mis-sold to individuals that may have not been entirely suitable for this type of investment to begin with, which places the pensions that are hard-earned at-risk levels that are unmanageable for individuals who have been mis-sold.

Similar to most of the other types of unregulated investments which means they are not controlled by the FCA, who are financial service watchdogs, the investments for car-parking spaces can appear to be even more alluring when they are offered with “guaranteed rental periods” which is in many cases as much as two years where the returns can be typically relied on.

The Mis-Sold Overseas Property Investments

What Is An Overseas Property Investment?

The property investments overseas usually check every box for attractive schemes where you can invest your money into. This includes the stand-alone investments or through a SIPP, which can improve your retirement significantly.

They not only seem to predict really attractive returns, they also offer outstanding imagery which includes sun-soaked hotels, condos and villas in stunning locations, which gives the impression that they are guaranteed to succeed.

We have seen all types of property investments overseas that come-and-go, which is inclusive of small and big, ambitious and conservative, and we are happy to let you know that most have been sold in the correct manner, with the use of transparent, honest and clear advice.

About Investigating A Claim

If you feel uncomfortable when it comes to your own DFM portfolio due to the FCA’s actions over the Greyfriars’ DFM wing. Then TheYEC’s specialists in pension claims might be able to assist you in straightening everything out.

We are specialists when it comes to pension investments and mis-sold SIPPs, backed by years of knowledge and experience where we can assist you in detecting a poorly sold SIPP or DFM product through your FREE initial assessment.

You have nothing to be worried about, as you are under no obligations to carry on with anything from your free consultation with our Get Claims Advice. However, if we have an idea that you have been mis-sold on your DFM portfolio or SIPP investments you can use us to pursue a claim, with our No Win- No Fee basis, where we will back up the weight associated with our experience and knowledge behind the claim.

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