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If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
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Info About Financial Page SIPP Pension Transfer Claim

Financial Page LTD. has entered administration. They are also known as Andrew Page to those who used the company’s services. This means they won’t provide advice on transferring pensions.

PageWealth states that on July 14th, 2016, that Abbey Taylor Limited’s practitioners were appointed as join administrators over the company. The details for Financial Page were updated on the FCA’s registry. There is wording on the site that those who transferred their pensions into SIPPs might find interesting. If you want to find out more, then continue to read on.

What Does This Mean For Clients Of Financial Page

For starters, it means clients don’t have a financial adviser. More importantly, it might mean there is more light on the services that were offered by the company. These services including being involved in transferring pension funds into an SIPP scheme, as well as being introduced to Hennessey Jones, a marketing firm.

What’s Wrong With The Investments

Nothing is wrong, if you were qualified to invest in unregulated investments. In fact, unregulated investments come with very high returns. This is why they are popular and they continue to increase in popularity.

However, there is a lot of risk involved with unregulated investments, with one being that the FCA isn’t overseeing them. The FOS doesn’t keep an eye on things either. Furthermore, it also means no compensation from the FSCS, in the event that the investment/investments collapse. This is regardless for the reason of the collapse.

What Makes People Suitable For Unregulated Investments

Financial Page was required to check if you were suitable. There’s a good chance they didn’t, which means you’d have a case that could qualify for a claim. Forestry, property and storage pods are not regulated and are high risk investments. This means investors such as yourself should be:

  • Sophisticated Investors- You need to know about the risks and dangerous of investing in products that aren’t regulated.
  • High Net Worth- If you earn over £100K per year or have assets of £250K or more, then you have enough to take on high risks.

Financial Page Claim

Here at theYEC, we can help if you’ve been mis-sold an SIPP investment claim. We have sufficient experience and understand the rules regarding suitability. We also know how the claims are handled by the FSCS, and we can ensure your claim is completed thoroughly and properly. This means you leave the paperwork and the stresses for us to handle.

We invite you to contact us for an initial assessment. Don’t worry though because our initial assessments are completely free. If it’s determine that you were mis-sold by an adviser, including Financial Page, then we’ll take on your claim and you’ll only pay if you win. In other words, if you don’t receive anything, then neither do we.

You get complete peace of mind when using our services. Do you want to learn more or have questions? If so, then we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, that way we can provide you with the advice you need.

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