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If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. Simply, tell us which investment product you took out from the list below:-
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Mis Sold Pension Claims & Investments Compensation Claims | No Win No Fee Solicitors

Mis-Sold Pensions & Investment Claims

Our team has assisted ​many individuals like yourself who wish to seek compensation for pensions or investments that were mis-sold. If you are among those who have sustained financial losses because of investments made because of questionable advice or because of faulty guidance on a pension transfer or SIPP, we are here to help you secure the recovery you deserve. Many of the best-known high street banking authorities, financial advising professionals and building societies have histories of selling pensions and investment vehicles that made little sense for their clients. It may be that they did not provide sufficient risk disclosures or they did not fully consider the customer’s unique situation or financial position. If you believe you are the victim of a mis-sold pension or investment, or are unsure whether this scenario might apply to you, get in contact with a claim specialist with our firm for an informative consultation. Should you indeed qualify to file a claim, we can help you initiate the process quickly and easily. Generally, we seek to settle an investment claim within a period of just two months, while pension claims may require additional time. There are no fees due upfront in order to begin a claim, and you will never owe anything until or unless we achieve success on your behalf. If your claim is a success, compensation will come to you directly.

The Process Of Pursuing A Claim For Mis-Sold SIPPs Pensions And Investments

We will begin by providing you with a claim form that requires nothing more than your personal signature. There is no extensive documentation for you to complete. After you have returned this form, you will be assigned a claims expert of your own. This is the person who will guide you each step of the way in claiming compensation for your mis-sold pension or investment vehicle. We will develop a report and always keep you apprised of the claim’s status so that you can always make informed decisions.

Mis-Sold Bonds

Have you been mis-sold or mis-informed about a past investment bond? It isn’t only back street lenders that would dupe us into investing our hard-earned cash without fully explaining it, or worse, selling you something that is totally unnecessary or unsuitable for your level of investment, personal circumstances, and/or financial situation. In fact, investment bonds – an IOU whereby your money is lent to others for a fixed amount of time – are regularly mis-sold, but you could be entitled to get that money back with the right legal advice and assistance. Goldman Knightley Solicitors has already resolved 25,000 cases that have resulted in ordinary people like you get the compensation they deserve for mis-sold investment bonds on a no win, no fee basis.

Mis-Sold ISA

…but don’t let a mis-sold stocks and shares ISA from your past ruin your future.

ISAs – or Individual Savings Accounts  – are a commonplace product in all major banks and a relatively risk-free way to invest your money. Stocks and shares ISAs, on the other hand, also known as NISAs can be a very different matter, and the risks associated with them are often not properly explained to you before you invest in one. If you think you have signed up to a stocks and shares ISA without fully understanding the risks they pose, or you have been intentionally mis-sold this type of financial product without having your own personal circumstances taken into consideration, you could be entitled to your original money back and compensation. Goldman Knightley Solicitors has already resolved 25,000 cases for mis-sold investments, such as stocks and shares ISAs (NISAs) on a no win, no fee basis.

Mis-Sold PEPs

Have you been mis-sold or mis-informed about a past personal equity plan? It seems that people don’t speak about PEPs anymore as they haven’t been sold for around ten years, however when they were a popular investment option in the 1990s, especially with interest-only mortgage options, thousands of ordinary people were mis-sold PEP investments that they didn’t need or fully understand the risks of. In fact, billions of pounds are still thought to be tied up in PEPs from financial advisors who did not fully explain the terms and conditions or the commission they would receive, or who did not take into consideration the financial circumstances or personal situation of the person they were selling it to at the time, such as age and occupation. Goldman Knightley Solicitors has already resolved 25,000 cases that have resulted in ordinary people like you get the compensation they deserve for mis-sold investments, such as PEPs or Personal Equity Plans on a no win, no fee basis. Goldman Knightley Solicitors has already resolved 25,000 cases that have resulted in ordinary people like you get the compensation they deserve for mis-sold investments, such as PEPs or Personal Equity Plans on a no win, no fee basis.

Questions About Mis-Sold Investment

What Is The Definition Of Mis-Selling?

In terms of mis-sold investments, this will be any advice which was provided to a customer that was unsuitable. This could be when someone is advised to invest over a number of years when they are approaching retirement and their personal, as well as financial circumstances, are going to change. This means they often have to cash in their investment before the recommended time resulting in losses. There are also people who were advised to invest when they were in poor health which is also a case of mis-selling.

How Do You Know If You Are Eligible To Make A Claim?

You will need to talk with an investment expert about your case to determine the circumstances at the time of the investment. If you lost money and all of the risks were not correctly explained to you, there is a good chance that you could make a claim. In these situations, the experts will tell you whether or not you should be submitting a claim.

What Sort Of Investments Can You Claim Against?

You will be able to make a claim against any form of stock market-linked product where your capital value can increase or decrease. This will include stocks, shares ISAs, investment bonds and unit trusts. You can also make a claim for mis-sold SIPPs and pension transfers.

Can You Take The Investment Companies To Court?

Legal action is an option that you could consider. However, you need to be aware of the costs that this will incur and that this could leave you out of pocket. This can cause major issues if the decision in the case is not in your favour. The legal process can also take a number of months and sometimes years before it is complete. When you work with an expert, they will take the complaint to those who are responsible for giving you the incorrect advice. They will also clearly state why this advice is seen as unsuitable. This is important because it can help you secure the compensation that you deserve without too many hassles.

How Is The Compensation Calculated?

If the claim is successful, the business responsible for providing the poor advice will be asked to repay the capital which was lost. They will also need to repay what is known as loss of investment opportunity. This is calculated based on the amount you could have earned in interest or with a more suitable investment option. This amount would have been available to you when the investment ended if the correct advice was provided and you might be able to get bank interest from the time of the investment ending to the present day. In simple terms, the compensation you get will be the money you have lost along with interest over and above this. The calculation will also need to be checked again the guidelines that have been set out by the industry regulator.

How Long Does A Claim Take?

In most situations, once you send a complaint to the bank or other investment advice provider, they will have 8 weeks to issue their final response. There are some exceptional situations where this could take longer. However, most cases will have an answer within 8 weeks with some cases being settled in as little as one week.

Can You Get Help Even If You Do Not Have Any Paperwork?

If you no longer have the paperwork for the investment, you will still be able to get help. This is due to the fact that the paperwork is not always essential, but will be helpful. If you do not have any of the paperwork, the investment provider will be able to provide it so you can still make your claim.

Is There A Time Limit For These Types Of Claims?

There is currently no time limit set on investment complaints. However, it is important to note that a timeline has been placed on PPI complaints. This deadline is 29 August 2019 and is the reason why you need to act now if you think you have been mis-sold PPI. Additionally, taking action now on any other mis-sold investments is recommended because deadlines could be put into effect at any time.

How Far Back Can You Go?

This will depend on a number of factors including the paperwork that you have available and the institute that you made the investment with. The general rule of thumb is that you can go back up to 20 years. However, there have been cases which are further back that have been brought forward.

What Are Some Examples Of Mis-Sold Investment Products?

Some of the products that have been mis-sold include stocks and shares ISAs, managed portfolios, open-ended investment companies, unit trusts, personal equity plans and investment bonds. There are many other investment products that have also been mis-sold.

Is There A Limit On The Compensation You Can Claim?

If the claim is settled by the bank right away, there is no limit on the compensation which can be claimed. However, if the bank rejects the claim and the Financial Ombudsman Service will need to be involved, the limit is £150,000. If the advisor or business that provided the advice is no longer trading, you will need to take the case to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which has a limit of £50,000.

How Will The Compensation Be Paid Out?

The bank will generally pay the compensation directly into your bank account or they could write a cheque. Once you have the money, you will need to pay the experts you have hired within a set number of days.

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