Mis-Sold Pensions And Investments

Our team has assisted ​many individuals like yourself who wish to seek compensation for pensions or investments that were mis-sold. If you are among those who have sustained financial losses because of investments made because of questionable advice or because of faulty guidance on a pension transfer or SIPP, we are here to help you secure the recovery you deserve.

Many of the best-known high street banking authorities, financial advising professionals and building societies have histories of selling pensions and investment vehicles that made little sense for their clients. It may be that they did not provide sufficient risk disclosures or they did not fully consider the customer’s unique situation or financial position.

If you believe you are the victim of a mis-sold pension or investment, or are unsure whether this scenario might apply to you, get in contact with a claim specialist with our firm for an informative consultation.

Should you indeed qualify to file a claim, we can help you initiate the process quickly and easily. Generally, we seek to settle an investment claim within a period of just two months, while pension claims may require additional time.

There are no fees due upfront in order to begin a claim, and you will never owe anything until or unless we achieve success on your behalf. If your claim is a success, compensation will come to you directly.

The Process Of Pursuing A Claim For Mis-Sold Pensions And Investments

We will begin by providing you with a claim form that requires nothing more than your personal signature. There is no extensive documentation for you to complete. After you have returned this form, you will be assigned a claims expert of your own. This is the person who will guide you each step of the way in claiming compensation for your mis-sold pension or investment vehicle. We will develop a report and always keep you apprised of the claim’s status so that you can always make informed decisions.