Suffered a Prescription Error?
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Suffered a Prescription Error?
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Prescription Error Claim Compensation

Claiming Compensation For Prescription Error

Compensation for Prescription Error

We can help you in case you have suffered due to incorrect medication.

In UK, healthcare services are under pressure as they are busier than ever. Sometimes, mistakes happen during patient care that may include incorrect prescription of various drugs and medicines.

As a patient, when you visit a medical professional for your health issues, you place your complete trust in them and you expect to get the correct medication for treatment of your health issues. It can be highly upsetting when the standard of treatment is not up to the expected standards. You should not have to suffer the consequences of wrong medication.

It’s not easy to figure out the person who is at fault when you have been prescribed the wrong kind of medication but we can help you with that. Give us a call on 0808 164 9153 and we can help you figure out whether you can make a claim to get compensation for your health issues due to someone else’s mistake.

Consequences of Wrong Prescriptions

After realising that you have consumed wrong medication, you can often avoid health consequences by discontinuing the prescribed medication. However, there are times when your body might suffer serious damage by taking a very small amount of wrong tablets or medicines.

Wrongly prescribed medications may lead to mild symptoms including headaches or nausea in the short-term but you might also experience serious consequences in some cases. These consequences may include disability, liver damage, seizures as well as anaphylactic shock in case you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the medication.

When you consume wrong medication you are not only causing great harm to your body but your body is also not getting the right treatment that was needed in the first place to overcome your health issues. In some cases, it may also have life changing consequences.

Prescription Error Who Is at Fault?

It’s not always easy to figure out the person responsible for prescription error but we have advisors who can help you figure out the liable party and whether a compensation claim can be made. Give us a call right now on 0808 164 9153.

Any medical professional or doctor can make the error. For instance, a doctor might diagnose the condition wrong or you may be prescribed antibiotics containing ingredients that you are allergic to. It may even be in the form of prescribing medication that is not compatible with other medications you are currently taking.

Dispensation of medication as prescribed by your doctor is the responsibility of the chemist. It is the responsibility of the chemist to give you the correct medicine along with the instructions for taking the medication and right dosage.

Mistakes While Dispensing

It’s possible that the error happened due to selection of wrong tablets during the dispensing process and the pharmacist did not pick up the error during the final check.

Such Errors Are Not Uncommon

In pharmacies, hospitals and general practice, such medical errors are not uncommon. These might happen while writing prescription as well as while dispensing as the pharmacist may dispense incorrect medication. Error may also happen due to incorrect diagnosis. Most of the errors happen due to lack of attention during routine drug administration, dispensation or prescription.

We have helped a number of individuals who have suffered adverse consequences due to wrong medication that had severe side effects. We are increasingly seeing more of such cases and it’s a worrying trend as you are prescribed wrong medication even after placing your trust in a well-known brand and professional.

Solicitors for Prescribing and Dispensing Errors

Give us a call on 0808 164 9153 to get in touch with our Medical Negligence Team for a completely free consultation about any kind of dispensing or prescribing error by a pharmacist or a doctor.

Compensation for Incorrect Medication

Our Medical Negligence Experts are typically asked about making a compensation claim due to errors with dispensing, prescribing or administering medication. Such medical negligence may occur at any stage of the process including while prescribing or dispensing medication at pharmacies, care homes, GP surgeries and hospitals.

Incorrect Medication or Negligence

When a patient receives the wrong dosage or type of medication, it is known as incorrect medical negligence. Incorrect medication may lead to severe consequences including death.

Some of the common examples of incorrect medical negligence include:

  • Patient with a known allergy is prescribed medication containing an ingredient they are allergic to.
  • Prescription is repeated too many times without proper assessment of the patient’s condition.
  • Prescription of incorrect dosage.
  • Prescription is filled incorrectly.
  • Causing delays in the recovery of a patient due to inadequate dosage.
  • An overdose caused by too much medication.
  • Prescription of medicines that might conflict with each other.
  • Prescribed medication is substituted without first checking with the doctor or the patient.
  • Medication is labelled incorrectly and the mistake may include name of the patient as well as wrong dosage.

There is a standard procedure designed for preventing such errors and people responsible for dispensing, administering and prescribing medication are required to follow the standard procedure. Medical negligence may occur due to errors during this process when the standard procedure is not followed for various reasons.

Wrong Prescription Given by Pharmacy

You should immediately contact the prescriber or the pharmacist in case you receive medication that is not in line with the prescription you expected. Following advice has been offered by Consumer Reports in such cases:

You should ask the prescribing health care provider to write down the dosage as well as the name of the drug on a piece of paper and make sure it is spelt correctly.
The generic names of the prescribed medications should also be noted down.
Patient should always carefully inspect their medications before they consume them.
You should immediately get in touch with the pharmacist in case the colour, markings or shape of the medication is not as expected.
You should immediately get in touch with your healthcare provider or go to the emergency room in case you realise that you have taken incorrect medication.
It is your responsibility to update the pharmacy with your list of allergies and any other kind of important information regarding current medications.

Pharmacy Error Protecting Your Rights

Many major pharmacy retailers have had to face a variety of claims and complaints due to medication errors. It is important for patients to understand their legal rights in case they suffer any kind of losses or injuries due to an error at the pharmacy. You should get in touch with a recognised and experienced lawyer specialising in medical malpractice and negligence for proper guidance on exploring your legal rights.

Claim Compensation – Private Practitioner Or NHS

It is important for you to know that any medical practitioner can be sued for compensation for medical negligence. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the NHS or are private.

Most people think that medical negligence errors cover only serious cases as only serious cases typically make the headlines. In such cases, some people have been left permanently disabled and in some severe cases, people have also lost their lives. Such cases are tragic but medical negligence is much more widespread. Any error in prescribing or dispensing medication can have a detrimental effect on your life as wrong treatment is a result of severe breach of trust.

Claim against NHS

NHS  National Health Service provides a majority of healthcare in UK. This also means that you may feel more frustrated when NHS staff provides poor treatment. You should know that there is a formal system in place in case you want to file a formal complaint. However, you also have the right to make a compensation claim against NHS in case you feel that your needs and concerns haven’t been met adequately.

It is a common misconception that filing a claim against the NHS may affect the level of care offered to other patients but you should know that NHS is insured for such cases which means your claim is not going to affect the treatment received by others.

Claims against Private Clinicians

While most people go to NHS doctors, there are also independent doctors providing treatment to people who like to get private treatment. It is important for you to know that you also have the same level of protection as with the NHS when you seek treatment from independent doctors.

The General Medical Council and The Care Quality Commission monitor and regulate the private health clinics. Private health clinics have to follow the code set by the GMC and in case an incorrect prescription is given by a private doctor, you have the right to claim adequate compensation for your health issues.

Claim Process

The process of filing a claim may seem daunting, especially if you continue to receive treatment from the chemist or doctor who might be at fault. You may worry that starting a claim process may result in differential treatment. However, law is on your side and you have absolutely nothing to worry about as all the healthcare professionals and doctors are required to treat patients equally. This law prevents any kind of differential treatment as a result of complaint made by you about their practice.

In case you think that wrong medication has been given by your chemist or GP, it is important that you should:

  • Stop the use of medication immediately
  • Immediately get a health check-up
  • Safely keep the medication and packaging to show it to your doctor

After this, it is recommended to give us a call to figure out how to make a compensation claim. Give us a call on 0808 164 9153 for completely free consultation. Our experts will help you figure out whether you can successfully file a claim and we can also help you get in touch with the right solicitor for filing a claim on your behalf.