Nerve Damage Claims – No Win No Fee
  • Nationwide Legal Assistance
  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
Find Out If You Have A Nerve Damage Claim For £00,000s!

Nerve Damage Claims – No Win No Fee
  • Specialist Nationwide Legal Assistance
  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
Find Out If You Have A Nerve Damage Claim For £00,000s!

Nerve damage Claim Compensation

Nerve injuries can range (Different types of nerve damage) from severe Axonotmesis and Neurotmesis to Neuropraxia which is less severe whereby there are chances for a full recovery. The nerve injuries often occur from a medical mistake through a surgical procedure like hernia surgery, knee replacements, and hip replacements.

Nerve damages are usually associated with the result of a syringe or needle. This can range from damages to the radial or median nerve from taking blood, onto more serious damages to areas such as the spinal-cord.

Our team of Medical Negligence Lawyers handle claims associated with nerve injury damages on a No Win No Fee basis. We are able to offer you with professional free legal advice as well as let you know whether your claim may be successful.

TheYEC is currently one out of the biggest Personal Injury claims businesses throughout the UK (injury claims for nerve damage are something we have significant experience in).

We are able to give you immediate legal-representation as well as arrange for rehabilitation and medical support services anywhere across Wales, England or Scotland.

How You Should Claim Compensation For Your Nerve Injury

We will first need information on when, where and how your nerve injury occurred. Once we have all the required details, one of our Medical Negligence Lawyers will review the claim on our No Win No Fee basis, as well as let you know the expected outcome of your claim.

It is essential that you receive rehabilitation support immediately. TheYEC is able to offer you with support through these processes, to ensure you get treatment as soon as possible. Our expert Medical negligence Lawyers will work hard on getting you the compensation that you deserve.

You can start an online claim, or feel free to call TheYEC to schedule your initial and free consultation on 0808 164 9153.

Compensation Can Really Help With

To pay for private based medical treatments, while avoiding delays with improved comfort in comparison to the NHS hospitals
Money that makes up for the time you lost earnings
Hire or buy specialist equipment or disability aids
Nursing care from home
Assistance with housework
The Recent Claims For Nerve Injuries Include:

– £120,000 compensation for the nerve damages caused from hernia operations

– £55,000 compensation for an accessory nerve damage caused from medical negligence from procedures involving the removal of benign lumps

Find out whether you are entitled to making a claim for a nerve injury or nerve damage on a No Win No Fee basis, by calling us on TheYEC for your free consultation on 0808 164 9153. Alternatively, you are able to immediately start your claim online.

Common Types Of Nerve Damage Claim:

Post Hernia Operation Claims – This is one of the more common causes of nerve injuries, the lower abdomen has many nerves which connect to the lower part of the body which are in a position where they can easily be damaged as a result of negligence during operating procedures.

Optical Nerve Damage Claims – This is another common type of injury to the nerves which tends to happen during eye operations or operations to the surrounding areas.

Spinal Nerve Damage Injury Claims – Surgical procedures which concern the spinal column and the surrounding areas are commonplace as a side effect of back and spinal surgery.

Wrist Nerve Damage Claims – It is a common thing for nerve damage to occur as a result of medical procedures to the wrist area.

(The above is not an exhaustive list – there are many more areas which commonly sustain nerve damage as a result of surgical negligence).

How Much Injury Compensation Can Be Won For People Who Have Suffered Nerve Damage?

Typical compensation amounts vary from anywhere in the £12,000 range to £150,000 and beyond, the main factors that determine the amount of compensation due to someone who has sustained damage to the nerves is the severity of the injury, along with the longer term implications of the injury, will the person be as mobile? Will they still be able to work? How will the injury affect their day to day lives? These are all questions and variables which help to determine the amount of compensation a nerve damage victim will receive as a result of this.

Nerve damage injuries can carry longer term implications or they can heal completely, this is something that will help decide the final payout, however we will make it our business to win maximum compensation for you.

Get in touch with our no win no fee solicitors now to start your claim for nerve damage – we operate with you on a no win no fee agreement which we can explain more about once you get in touch to find out if you have a nerve damage claim.

Nerve Damage Claims – How Long Do They Take To Complete?

When it comes claims for personal injury or a form of medical negligence, the amount of time required to complete the claim is partially dependent on the severity of the claim, and also the longer term implications for the affected individual, and the impact on the quality of life for the victim, it can be 3 months it can be 2 years.

Nerve damage claims can be complex negligence claims, because nerve damage can happen as a result of an accident during surgery, this is not always negligence if things don’t go to plan, however very often it is down to some form a clinical and professional negligence.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Nerve Damage Complaints?

Issues of this nature can be due to an infection, surgical accidents, slips with surgical equipment, issues with stitching, and man others.

These are generally the most common causes of nerve injury, and are common in various types of personal injury claim.

How Can I Get Help With My Nerve Damage Claim?

If you wish you can claim online by contacting us using the online form at the upper section of the page, this will enable our experts to give you a call to discuss.