Missed Broken Bones Compensation Claims
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Missed Broken Bones Compensation Claims
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  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Missed Broken Bone Claim Compensation

You can typically file a claim within 3 years of the injury or if it is past that point within 3 years of seeing the injury was made worse with the treatment you got.

Broken bone injuries are one of the more common compensation claims, fractured or broken bones and other injury claims can often be missed, fractured and broken bones and other types of bone injury are a common form of no win no fee claim.

Often we can help you in getting claim made if negligent treatment made the fracture even worse than what it started out as. Everyone who is involved in the medical field has what is called a duty of care and that is where they will treat you the best they can without causing more injury.

The team we have that is going to answer the phone is trained in legal matters and will let you know if you make accident  claims or not, we are claims experts and can help you every step of the way.

We are here to help and you can get in contact with us for free advice at 0808 164 9153 We are able to answer your questions and evaluate the claim to see if you will have a claim or not.

Do you qualify for a missed broken bone claim? It can be hard to get the broken bone that was missed claim filed. That is why you will want to get in contact with us so we can get the information on the claim.

At a minimum the missed broken bone is sure to cause you a lot of pain. It could even have some type of impact on your finances as well, because you may have to pay for the medical treatment to put the break right.

If the doctor missed the broken bone, then it could become worse over time. In some medical cases, you may find the treatment is different for the broken bone and if it is not followed can lead to arthritis or even infections.

Often, the doctors and other medical professionals will provide you a great service. The problem is that negligence or a mistake can happen and it can mean a long lasting injury.

Have you suffered because someone missed a fracture, we can aid you.

When you have a broken bone or fracture it is very painful and you may not be able to work or do what you usually do. Once you have been hurt, you will want to make sure you get the best treatment possible to get back on your feet.

Bone fractures (and multiple fractures) and breaks can cause a lot of pain and suffering and these serious injury claims

Missed Broken Bone Compensation – How Much Could I Be Owed?

A broken bone could be worth up to £20,000 in compensation – with breakages with longer term implications uncapped.

It depends on the severity of the bone injury or bone fracture and how this will effect your standard of living in the longer term.

Skull bone injury can be particularly severe, as can breaks or fractures to the spine, the exact figure can be determined once the injury has been properly assessed.

No Win No Fee Agreements – Missed Broken Bone Claims

We handle compensation claims for fractures or broken bones on a no win no fee claim arrangement.

This means there are no upfront fees, we will pursue your claim through to it’s conclusion with no upfront costs to you for our services.

Once victims of bone breakage or fracture get in touch with us, we assess their claim for free to determine if they have a claim that will likely be a success, and inform them whether or not we will be able to proceed with a claim (with their permission).

For our help or some free legal advice on your potential accident claim, get in touch with us using the form further up on this page.