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Medication Error Claims – Need Help?
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Medication Error Claim Compensation

Many thousands of people are issued medication in and around the United Kingdom every day and often this medication is issued in error, with people being issued medication in a hospital environment, or as a prescription, much of this is a mistake, with people being prescribed the wrong medication on a daily basis.

Medication Error claims – Wrongly Issued Medication – Some common consequences:

Often people who are issued the wrong type of medication have a condition that is left untreated due to the medical mistake by the doctors or nurses or both.

Also another thing that happens often with medicinal errors is the issue of addiction, many painkilling drugs, benzodiazepines and other types of medication are addictive, which can lead to a medium to long term problem in some people.

Another common issue is drug dependency due to medical error, which is another symptom of medical negligence which can lead to a medical negligence claims.

As medical negligence specialists we have a lot of experience with prescribed medication, and medical liability claims and we can help you on a no win no fee basis on a conditional fee agreement.

Elderly individuals are especially vulnerable to medication error effects. The impacts on older people’s health are unfortunately more severe usually. To avoid medication errors, care homes need to have procedures in place, and act quickly when they do occur.  The consequences can be quite serious, if an error is made by a care home when giving medication, or if the procedures are not followed.

Medication errors at care homes

If you are not sure whether or you are eligible for making a compensation claim, you can talk to us for free on 0808 164 9153. We are very happy to answer any questions you might have, and help you understand whether or not you can make a claim.

People who have suffered have dealt with the following issues in their liability claims:

Medication given at the wrong time

Medication given to a patient with allergies

Medications combined that should not be taken simultaneously

Medication being prescribed that affected another condition that has been previously diagnosed.

Getting an accidental overdose

Being given the wrong kind of medication for your specific condition

Medication going missing and no replacement being issued

Some medication error example might include the following:

You might have been given the wrong kind of medication to administer on your own, or a healthcare professional may have provided you with the incorrect medication.

What a medication error means is the medication that you received caused your condition to worse, instead of making it better.

What is counted as a medication error?

We never pressure or rush you into going forward with a case – we will provide you the support that you need and inform you on whether or not you are eligible for making a claim.

If a loved one or you has suffered due to medication error, from either private or NHS care, you may be eligible to file a medical negligence claim. Call us on 0808 164 9153 for impartial advice and talk to us for free, or fill out our secure online form to get a call back arranged.

Unfortunately, incomplete or inaccurate medication for illnesses or injuries can result in your condition getting worse. It can not only have physical effects but psychological ones as well, and in very serious cases, some medication errors may be fatal.

Whenever we go visit a healthcare professional for assistance, we put a lot of trust in them to appropriately determine our care. At times it can go wrong. We understand how frustrating and unfair it can feel, and it can cause you physical harm as well.

You might be eligible to make a compensation claim if a medication error has caused you suffering.

Medication Error Compensation

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