Failed Sterilisation
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Failed Sterilisation
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Failed Sterilisation Claim Compensation

Are you a victim of sterilisation failure? If you are, we are here to help make a claim.

Considering how momentous the decision to undergo sterilization is, regardless of your reasons, the last thing you would expect is for it to fail.

Sterilisation procedures are not supposed to have a temporary effect. Your partner may however become pregnant, in some cases where the procedure fails. Such an unexpected pregnancy can result in unplanned expenditures, leaving you in a tough place. We can assist you in seeking the apology your need, especially since monetary damages can be a life saver in such circumstances.

Contact us for a free consultation at 0808 164 9153. Although we would never put any pressure on you to take any steps, we will advice you on whether your case warrants a claim for compensation.

Here’s how sterilisation works:

Both men and women can undergo a sterilisation procedure.

A male sterilisation is usually referred to as a vasectomy. In this procedure, a tube referred to as a sperm duct is severed taking away the ability to cause impregnation.

In females, sterilisation can be performed in 3 different ways:

  • Hysteroscopic Sterilisation (abbreviated as HS) – Here, the fallopian tubes are blocked using an implant.
  • Tubal ligation (Tubal occlusion) – Rings or clips are used to block the fallopian tubes
  • Salpingectomy – Sterilisation is achieved through the surgical removal of the fallopian tubes

What are the reasons for sterilisation failures?

Even after a sterilisation, conception might occur in some cases, though most procedures have the intended permanent effects.

One of the inherent risks of sterilisations is the reconnection of the sperm duct and fallopian tubes through the body’s natural healing process. It’s unfortunate, but you cannot make a claim under such circumstances.

However, we can assist you in making a claim for damages, if in fact your sterilisation procedure was done negligently.

A sterilisation procedure may not yield the intended results due to negligent conduct on the part of the medical team handling the procedure, such as:

  • Incorrect clipping or clamping of the fallopian tubes
  • Incorrectly cutting the sperm duct

Sometimes, an infection or injury might occur due to mistakes made during the sterilisation procedure. If you have gone through this, to help you shoulder the associated medical costs until you make a complete recovery, we can help you make a claim for damages.

It’s important for you to use contraceptives immediately after undergoing the sterilisation procedure even though it’s meant to have lasting effects. Note that this should be clearly communicated to you by your doctor; failure to which you can make a claim for damages based on the grounds of negligent conduct on their part.