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Dental Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims
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  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Dental Negligence Claim Compensation

Dental treatment mistakes can be both traumatic and painful. If you have experienced suffering because of failures in your dental treatment, you can count on our Lawyers to support you. We are the country’s biggest medical negligence firm and our dental negligence solicitors will help you claim the compensation that you deserve.

Both medical negligence and surgery negligence of this nature can cause a great deal of pain and suffering, nerve damage, periodontal disease, gum disease, root canal surgery, different types of cosmetic dentistry and all kinds of physical suffering as a result of a lack of the proper dental procedure, dental implants in particular have also been an area for concern with an increasing number of dental patients suffering from dental professional negligence  dental injections are also another problematic procedure which many people claim for, along with dental infection .

With dental work, it is important to ensure the standard of care is upheld with no breach of duty carried out by the medical professionals.

Common Types Of Dental Malpractice Lawsuit

Tooth Extractions

Failure To Diagnose

Duty Of Care

Medication Errors

Oral Surgery

Crowns and bridges

Anesthesia complications

What’s Dental Medical Negligence?

It covers all forms of injury that have been overlooked, made worse, or directly caused by your dental health practitioner. If this is something that has happened to you then you could be entitled to compensation.

What Happens If I Have Suffered From Dental Negligence During Cosmetic Dentistry?

Just because the dentist is more likely to be a private dentist does not mean there can be no litigation, it is possible to litigate for substandard treatment as it is with the NHS dentists, the claims process differs slightly however surgical negligence is still considered unacceptable from a private dentist. Dental negligence claims are typically made for any oversight or accident that harmed your wellbeing, caused you to sustain physical injury, or caused financial loss.

Examples of dental negligence include: Nerve injury Incorrect or delayed diagnosis including the misdiagnosis of oral cancer or mouth cancer Misdiagnosis of periodontal disease Errors in restorative dentistry Treatment mistakes that lead to the damage or loss of multiple teeth

Is It Possible to Make a Claim Against My Dentist?

Whether your dentist is a private or NHS provider, you can make a compensation claim against him/her if they have caused you harm after offering negligent treatment. To get your free initial consultation get in touch with us so that we can determine whether you have a case as well as the amount of compensation that you may be entitled to, there is no reason for you to suffer in silence because of your dentists failings. It is advisable to start your claims as early as possible because there are time limits for making your negligence claims.

What Are the Time Limits When It Comes to Making Dental Negligence Claims (or Dental Malpractice)?

In a typical situation, dental negligence claims should be made within 3 years from the date you realise that you may have received negligent treatment.

Once the 3-year period lapses you can no longer make a claim. However, some exceptions to the time limit exist, which include: If you are claiming on behalf of a person that lacks the mental capacity to claim for themselves then there’s no limit for making the claim. If you are claiming on behalf of a child then there’s no time limit until he/she turns 18. When the child reaches 18, the 3-year rule applies.

How Long Do Negligence Claims Typically Take?

Dental negligence claims typically take between a couple of months to several years to settle depending on whether or not the private or NHS dentist accepts responsibility and the severity of the injury. We often settle a majority of cases quickly but more complex cases that deal with larger claims can take longer.

No Win No Fee Dental Negligence Claims We handle the majority of our dental negligence claims on no win no fee basis. It means that you don’t have to pay anything upfront and if your claim is unsuccessful it will be at no cost to you. If the case is successful, your opponent will be responsible for paying most of the legal costs and the remainder will come out of the compensation awarded to you. We will keep you fully briefed throughout the claim to help you know the amount of compensation you are likely to receive.

Why Choose Our Dental Lawyers?

We have a dedicated team of dental negligence solicitors that understand exactly what you are going through and will help you claim the compensation you deserve and access specialist support services. We will consult with medical professionals and gather advice on your care needs to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. We also understand that it is important to know what went wrong. We will work to get you and explanation as well as an apology from the dentist for the negligent treatment.

Dental Negligence Claims Additional Information: What’s the Dental Negligence Claims Process?

Arranging the free initial consultation with one of our experts to find out whether you can make a dental negligence claim is the first step. Our team then collects evidence of negligence, which includes accessing your medical records. We also ask an independent medical expert to comment on whether the dental treatment that was given to you was actually negligent. The independent medical expert will produce a report on both your current and future needs in support of the compensation claim.

The next step is presenting the evidence to the negligent party to find out whether they are willing to accept responsibility. If they do, then we can settle the claim out of court in a majority of cases. If they fail to accept responsibility we then take the matter to court to prove their negligence. This might still end in an out of court settlement, but if the case goes to court, we will be there to offer the support your need each step of the way.

Is It Possible to Make a Claim for Nerve Injury After Dental Surgery?

Negligence during oral surgery may result in nerve damage. If you have sustained a nerve injury after receiving dental treatment, you may be entitled to compensation.

Is It Possible to Make a Claim for the Misdiagnosis of Oral Cancer?

The common symptoms of oral cancer include lumps, ulcers, and white or red patches on the tongue or mouth lining. If your dentist didn’t examine your properly or delayed in making the diagnosis, you could be entitled to compensation, oral cancer misdiagnosis is more commonplace than most people may imagine, and it is possible to claim compensation for dental malpractice or negligence on a no win no fee basis.

Is It Possible to Claim for Cosmetic Dental Negligence?

Whether a procedure is medical or cosmetic, dentist have a responsibility of care for patients and mistakes during cosmetic treatment can lead to serious pain and suffering. You may be entitled to make a claim if you have experienced cosmetic dental negligence. We have an expert team of dental negligence solicitors who can help you make a dental claim for compensation, should you have suffered from this particular type of cosmetic surgery negligence feel free to reach out to us for some free advice or potentially a no win no fee claim.

Most Common Types Of Dental Negligence:

Dental implant – A strict care standard needs to be observed for people having dental implants placed in their gums, this can be a painful procedure with many individuals suffering from problems such as dental infection, dental injection injury (anesthesia) and other issues with implant installation.

Dental Infection – It is easy for the gums and the mouth in general to become infected during dental surgery and care, there are many examples of this in people who have had root canal surgery and other types of dental procedure.

How Long Does A Dental Malpractice  (Malpractice Lawsuit) Lawsuit Take?

Dental malpractice (or dental negligence) lawsuits can take over a year or a few months, the timescale for this to complete is dependent on the severity and the complexity of the case.

If the standard of care and the malpractice and dental negligence evident in the case, and liability is not with the claimant (victim) then there may be a strong possibility of a claim, get in touch with us to verify the viability of the claim

Dental Negligence Is a common form of medical malpractice there is a duty of care to be carried out by dentists and dental specialists, many oral diseases  can occur as a result of dental malpractice, in some cases requiring hospitalization