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Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims – No Win No Fee
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  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims


Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

It is critical for cancer (defined as a malignant growth or tumor resulting from an uncontrolled division of cells) to be accurately diagnosed as soon as possible to help improve your chances of a successful recovery (cancer misdiagnosis fast becoming an extremely concerning issue in the united kingdom, and cancer compensation claims are growing and gaining momentum). Whenever mistakes are made by doctors or other medical professionals, you symptoms may not be diagnosed until it’s too late, which means it might be more difficult to treat your cancer or it may have become terminal in the meantime, diagnosis of cancer is extremely important and if it is not correctly handled (professional negligence in cancer diagnosis can be fatal).

Fact: More than half of cancer tumors are diagnosed late, making this disease one of the most commonly wrongly diagnosed illnesses in the world.

To misdiagnose a potentially fatal disease like cancer or a tumor can put the affected persons’ life at great risk, in many cases compensation is due for the victims of such misdirection and malpractice, in addition to delayed diagnosis it is possible to underdiagnose and overdiagnose this illness.

If medical negligence has resulted in your cancer being misdiagnosed, we might be able to assist you with making a cancer compensation claim. We have expert lawyers you will work on your case with sensitivity and understanding, seek answers from those who are responsible, and assurances that the same or similar mistakes will not occur again, this type of medical negligence claim is of the highest priority both on professional grounds and moral grounds.

We can help you if you have suffered unnecessarily due to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis due to:

Testicular cancer
Skin cancer
Prostate cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Ovarian cancer
Lung cancer
Cervical cancer
Bowel cancer
Breast cancer (breast cancer diagnosis is a common issue)
Bowel cancer
Breast cancer
Cervical cancer
Liver Cancer
Brain Tumor (Brain cancer)
Thyroid Cancer (or cancers of the throat)

All the above types of cancer can be subject to late diagnosis or misdiagnosis .

When you make a claim, it can secure money for you to make things a bit easier for your family and yourself. We can assist you with getting appointments made with cancer specialists, and organize getting help from rehabilitation experts, where suitable, who know what needs to be done for you to be able to have the best possible recovery.

Our solicitors will work on claims on the basis of No Win No Fee,” which means that no matter what your case’s outcome is, you won’t end up being any worse off.

More Information on Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

How Can Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Help You?

Our lawyers always ensure that you will receive a settlement that will pay for the care requirements that you have. Compensation for cancer misdiagnosis can help to pay for the following:

Expenses (such as travel costs)
Loss of earnings
Private specialist medical treatment

We always act in an efficient manner as negligence lawyers to get funds secured as soon as possible so that your care need may be met. You settlement may be used to help pay for needed private medical treatment to help you get appointments sooner than usual.

If the organisation or person who is responsible accept the part they played in your diagnosis being delayed, we may be able to get early compensation payments secured for you before your claim has been completely settled. Those early cancer compensation payments are referred to as interim payments, and can be used to help you pay for ongoing expenses and care.

We first need to have a good understanding of what the entire impact of your illness is before we can calculate the amount of compensation that you are entitled to. That can only become clear after we know how successful your subsequent treatments are and the detailed evidence that we gather that relates to your cancer (and potential cancer misdiagnosis claim).

You are more likely to receive a higher amount of compensation if your cancer was not diagnosed until a later stage which means it reduced your chances of having a full recovery. In those situations, compensation may pay for the increased care needs that you have, and potential costs associated with cancer treatment as a cancer patient. If your illness didn’t get diagnosed until it had reached the terminal stage, your settlement may help with the future financial security of your family.

May I Make A Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim On A Loved One’s Behalf?

If you have had a loved one that died due to a delayed diagnosis of cancers, the lawyers on our team can assist you with:

Obtaining compensation for your loved one’s pain and suffering, for covering funeral expenses, and to account for whatever financial losses were caused by the death of loved one.

Represent you at your loved one’s inquest.

Get an apology and the answers that you deserve from those who are responsible.
You may be able to make a claim if you are the child or spouse of the individual who unfortunately has died. We also can help you with making a cancer claim if you are the parents of a child who was under 18 years who has lost their life or a person you were financially dependent on has died.

Usually there is a time limit of three years starting at the date of the person’s death for making a cancer claim. If there was a post-mortem done on your loved one and cancer medical negligence was discovered, then you will have three years from the day when you learned of these findings. Learn more about time limits here.

Our lawyers also can help you with accessing a statutory bereavement award. This is flat rate in the amount of £12,980 that is paid when there has been a wrongful death. It is available if you are the parent (for a child under 18), civil partner, or spouse of the individual who has died, as claims solicitors we can advise you on this.

How much Compensation for Misdiagnosis of Cancer?

Once you contact us, we will get your free initial consultation scheduled so that we can discuss your case so that we can determine whether or not you do have a legal claim that can be made. We will go over what your funding options are for paying for your claim, which includes No Win No Fee agreements.*

Then we will get in touch with the parties who are responsible for the negligent treatment that you received as soon as we can to see whether or not they will accept the blame for the delayed diagnosis that you received. If they do accept their responsibility, then we attempt to get interim compensation payments secured for you to fund your ongoing expenses as well as your private medical care, before your claim has fully settled. Any interim payments that you receive are deducted from your final compensation award.

We have negligence lawyers who will carefully look into your case, and evidence will be gathered from independent medical professionals. Those experts will evaluate the type of care that you should receive and will determine potential future implications for your health. Also, they will advise on the type of care that you are going to need later on either as cancer treatment or for other conditions.

We make every effort for our cancer misdiagnosis claims to be negotiated out of court, and to keep our claims processes as short as possible. However, if the opponent refuses to accept responsibility or fails to agree with how much compensation we have determined that you need, then we will get court proceedings started.

Even after trial dates are set, quite often claims will still be settled before they make it to court. If your claim ends up needing to go to court, then we will be here to provide you with assistance during each stage of the process, and discuss everything that will happen so that you will know what to expect and can feel comfortable.

How Long Will It Take For My Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim To Settle?

We do our very best to ensure that every claim process operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and to get the very best outcome that we can for you. However, each claim is different and how long it will take to settle a claim will differ from one case to the next. Complex cases will take longer since we know to first know what the true consequences are of the negligent treatment that you have received before finalizing your negligence claim, the diagnosis of cancer and any clinical negligence surrounding the issue takes time to investigate the failure to identify this illness.

Since it can take time for claims to settle, we will try to get “interim” early compensation payments for you in order to pay for care while the claim is ongoing (this is unfortunately only possible when your opponent accepts responsibility early on in the process).

Will I Be Able To Make My Claim On A No Win No Fee Basis?

Many of the cases that we take are funded with a No Win No Fee agreement. That means when you
are making your compensation claim that you are not taking on any financial risk.*

We also offer free legal advice on a no obligation basis.

When we are first starting your case we will go over what your funding options are (our negligence team will help with this), and provide you with advise on which option we think is the best for your case. If you have coverage from a trade union policy or legal expenses insurance (LEI), then that might be your best option. Many house insurance policies have legal expenses insurance included, so it is worth your time to check to see if you have coverage already.

If you believe that a No Win No Fee agreement is best for you, then we will clearly explain the process to you. It involves getting an insurance policy set up that protects you, but does not cost you anything. You only pay if your claim is successful – with most of our fees being paid by your opponent for cancer misdiagnosis.