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Doctor Negligence Claim Solicitors

If you believe that you’ve been the victim of doctor negligence, midwife negligence, general practitioner negligence (GP negligence) or any other professional, then you could be entitled to getting compensation, and our professional and expert medical negligence solicitors are well positioned to help you get the compensation you deserve for doctor negligence.

Doctors have a duty of care to members of the public, client care should be a priority to doctors.

For free initial advice about claims against medical professionals, get in touch with our solicitors today on 0808 164 9153.

Doctor negligence is one of the most serious forms of clinical negligence compensation claims in the personal injury sector, there is a special need for attention for any cases of this type because it involves an individual placed in a position of trust with a strong care duty who should execute their role and standard of care with the greatest provision so as to avoid undesirable side effects such as delayed diagnosis, serious injury, and in extreme cases death due to medical malpractice.

Some common examples of Doctor negligence are as follows:

1) Cancer misdiagnosis – Doctors often misdiagnose cancer as a condition thinking it is something else (medical misdiagnosis).

2) Medical accident – Doctor negligence also includes situations where there has been a medical error or accident which has caused injury.

3) Medical malpractice – often doctors act in such a way which breaches their duty , prescription error claims are also possible.

As we work with a range of highly skilled and professional medical practitioners, we can help you obtain strong medical insights and prepare detailed evidence that supports your injury claim. The amount of experience our professional solicitors have amassed in this field over the years (due to medical negligence) makes them very conversant with the intricacies associated with the area.

Doctor negligence is an area in which the public can have zero tolerance as poor conduct by general practitioners can lead to a range of medical misdiagnosis issues and serious illnesses being missed and the duty of care not being carried out as it should be and the protection and deputyship and medical care due from a doctor is often not provided as it should be whether it be within NHS healthcare or private healthcare, whatever the institution in question there is a standard of care and a duty of care to be adhered to, and if this is not kept to there may be scope to claim compensation.

Our medical negligence solicitors are sensitive to the victim’s needs and provide advice that will help you cope with your situation while making the entire legal process as simple and as stress-free as possible.