The UK Continuing Healthcare Scheme

The UK continuing healthcare scheme is a healthcare package specially designed for individuals who have been assessed as having significant ongoing healthcare needs. The scheme is completely funded by the NHS or National Health Service of the United Kingdom. You have the option of deciding where you would avail yourself for such care. In case you decide to receive care in your own home, the NHS will cover the cost of healthcare providers as well as personal care costs – including assistance with getting dressed and washing. On the other hand, if you decide to have the care in a professional care home, the NHS will pay the care home fees on behalf of you. This article provides information on the UK or NHS continuing healthcare scheme.

Your eligibility for the NHS continuing healthcare scheme may depend on whether you have ongoing significant health needs and not on whether you are having a specific health condition. On the other hand, you should be requiring ongoing care primarily due to the very nature of your health needs. There is a process laid down by the authorities to decide if an individual qualifies for the healthcare scheme implemented by the NHS. A qualified healthcare provider has to assess your health condition before deciding if you really have an ongoing healthcare need. Your eligibility is dependent on the assessment conducted by the relevant healthcare professional. Here are some specific situations where you would be assessed as needing the NHS continuing healthcare scheme:

  • When you are ready to be discharged from a hospital and your long-term healthcare needs are clearly stated.
  • Once you have finished a period of rehabilitation after the stay in a hospital and your condition is unlikely to improve.
  • When your healthcare requirements are being reviewed as part of a community care assessment.
  • When your nursing needs are being reviewed in case you are staying in a nursing home.
  • When your physical and mental healthcare condition is deteriorating on a rapid basis and the current care is insufficient.
  • When you are approaching the end of your life and have a rapidly deteriorating health condition.

There are many important things that you need to consider during the assessment process. Your attention to these factors is very important in order to qualify for the UK continuing healthcare scheme. The most important thing is for you to be fully involved in the assessment process so that your views are considered by the assessors. In case you feel that you need assistance when representing yourself during the assessment process, you can work with a qualified and experienced solicitor in the area. The assessment process will start after a checklist is completed by a nurse or social worker who is trained to complete it. The checklist will identify your present healthcare requirements and whether you really need a full NHS continuing healthcare assessment. If you are approaching the end of your life or your health condition is deteriorating on a rapid basis, you can request for a Fast Track assessment instead.

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