Needlestick Injury
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Needlestick Injury
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Needlestick Injury Claim Compensation

Claim for Needlestick Injuries

What You Need To Know About Needlestick Injury Claims

The needlestick injury is the term that is used for describing traumatic experiences caused from becoming injured from a dirty or contaminated, sharp object. In most cases the needlestick injuries which are also known as a sharps injury arise from medical accidents when medical equipment like scalpels or needles break the skin of two people or more. They often result from throwing away rubbish or the litter that contains these sharp instruments.

When these injuries occur, the person who has suffered a wound or cut from such used equipment is placed at risks of contracting blood viruses.

We know that after an accident, it is typical for many people to think that accidents happen, or when your accident occurred while at work, you were aware of the risks involved when you chose this career and your job. Yet accidents actually don’t “just happen”, and there are many of these accidents which can be avoided. This is true in workplaces, where procedures and safety training have been set in place to guarantee your safety. When a lack in the right safety measures has resulted in your injuries, you are one of the victims of such negligence and you could be rightly entitled to making a claim and to be compensated.

You can find out whether we are able to assist you in claiming for compensation by calling us on 0808 164 9153, which is a free call. After a short chat, you could has taken the first step towards compensation, or you are offered with advice you needed after the accident.

Who Is At Risk For Needlestick Injuries

People more commonly suffer from sharps injuries when at work, when there is lack in safety precautions or training. This is especially the case for individuals that work for the NHS, social care or even the private medical sectors, where the use of scalpels, needles, and other sharp medical-equipment forms a part of their jobs.

However, the reality is that any person can suffer from needlestick injuries. This has to do with that any person can be pinpricked or cut with dirty or contaminated equipment. The sharps injuries extend further than just the medical professions. For example, protruding nails also places people in the construction industries at risk. Even a pinprick or small cut caused from a sharp object like a nail, poses a risk for an infection like Hepatitis, HIV or Tetanus.

Suffering from one of these puncture wounds is often already a distressing experience, yet when there are also risks involved for a further infection, a sharps injury is in most cases extremely upsetting.

We fully understand, that you may want compensation after you have found out that you have an infection that will change your life. If you suffered one of these injuries at work, in public places or even under care of a medical professional, feel free to contact our firm to establish if we can help you with our experience in these types of cases.

We sincerely hope that your injuries have not resulted in a life-changing repercussion. But when it has, our company can assist you in claiming for compensation that you deserve. The settlement will help you with costs involved in what the injuries may cause into the future, along with assistance with the direct impact that this injury has caused you.

To commence your claim, or when you need free advice on how to go about the claim, feel free to give us a call on 0808 164 9153. You can also read up on the information about safety regulations that the Government has implemented to ensure your safety in the workplace.