Manual Handling Injury
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Manual Handling Injury
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Manual Handling Injury Claim Compensation

Common Manual Handling Injuries

A manual handling injury occurs due to trying to lift, put down, move or carry any objects manually by hand. These are a few of the more common accident types that occur in the workplace. In some cases, they can result in long-lasting pain or prohibit you from leading a normal life.

A manual handling injury can range from minor injuries such as pulled muscles, bruises and cuts onto injuries that are more serious like permanent disabilities or musculoskeletal disorders.

The accidents in the workplace frequently happen when the employers have failed to provide the correct equipment or training. We are well aware of how unfair you will feel when you have sustained an injury due to another person’s negligence. We are here to assist you in obtaining the compensation that you deserve.

We can give you impartial advice, for free when you call us on 0808 164 9153 and we can assist you in understanding whether you will be able to claim, yet we will never force you into taking your next step.

Manual Handling In The Workplace

The Health and Safety Executive, state that the manual-handling injuries include about one-third of all the workplace incidents.

There are laws that exist to protect workers from injuries. For example, your employer holds the responsibility for ensuring legal guidelines like the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, have been followed in order to lower the chance of these accidents from happening.

When your job entails heavy-lifting, your employer has to ensure that you are properly trained so that you can carry out your work safely. Your employer is also responsible for carrying out the risk assessments along with providing each employee with the necessary equipment when needed. If your employer has failed to offer the correct training and equipment, we could assist you.

We have listed a few examples on the different industry types and the job roles when manual-handling injuries often occur:

  • In a construction job, you can sustain injuries when you move heavy equipment like mixers, drills, or any other common items that you use daily in the job, like pallets, bricks or cement sacks.
  • Medical or care workers will often be required to move patients from one area to another, which can result in injuries and back strain.
  • The accidents in factories frequently occur when the workers are forced to pull, lift or push heavy loads without the right equipment to assist them in these tasks.

Tips On How To Avoid Manual Handling Injuries

It becomes important that all risks have been assessed before you decide to move or lift anything heavy. An effective way that your employer and you are able to achieve this is by following the TILE guidelines, which include:

– Task

To think about how an object is moved, whether it is carrying, lifting or pushing.

– Individual

Considering if the person is capable of these tasks, which commonly includes their fitness and strength.

– Load

Considering the shape, weight and size of the objects. For example, certain objects might require two people or more to carry.

– Environment

Checking on the routes you will need to take while you handle the object. Make sure you always check for wet surfaces, steps or uneven flooring.

What Can You Expect To Claim For Manual Handling Accidents?

Similar to other types of personal injury claims, the compensation amount that you can receive will be unique according to your specific case. For this reason, we cannot give you an exact amount on what you can claim for before starting.

Your lawyer will ensure you will be able to recover any of the costs caused from the injury. Examples of compensation can include:

  • Medical treatments that you paid for, which includes prescription costs
  • Earnings you have lost from having to take time off work
  • Adaptations you have made to your car or home due to the injury
  • Travel costs
  • Effects that the accident has caused to your family along with their time

We also know that progressing with claims is often stressful, yet we always work hard in order to ensure your process is as straightforward as possible. We will also keep you informed of the processes throughout your case.