Industrial Accident Claims – Need Help?
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Industrial Accident Claims – Need Help?
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  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Industrial Accident Claim Compensation

An industrial accident can result in catastrophic events on your health and your life. They happen to be very common in specific industries.

What Is Counted As An “Industrial Accident”?

Certain jobs are associated with more risks in comparison to others, and especially true for the careers in factories, warehouse management and construction. If you sustained injuries while at work due to the negligence of your employer, you are usually entitled to claiming for compensation.

The industrial injuries can range from anything from carbon-monoxide poisoning, vibration white-finger, asbestosis poisoning, chemical injuries to industrial deafness. You are probably aware that these injury types can result in long-lasting effects when it comes to your abilities to work and your health, and you need to be compensated for this.

By law, any business has a responsibility to ensure your safety when you are on the job and to also report all serious incidents and accidents under the RIDDOR, which stands for Reporting Of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences.

When you make your claim directly after industrial accidents it can assist you in the recovery process and assist in covering financial expenses associated with your injuries. When you claim it may also result in an environment that is safer for your work colleagues and for you, as it will highlight any issues which went unnoticed before.

For advice or to establish whether you have an industrial-accident claim, call us on 0808 164 9153. We are waiting to answer your questions and we will give you the best advice on how to proceed forward with commencing a claim.

Causes Associated With Industrial Accidents

When we are at work everyday most of us expect that our company has ensured the environment that we work in is safe. Unfortunately, the industrial accidents is a common occurrence.

There are a host of safety and health policies that need to be instituted in order to protect workers, but there are employers who do not adhere to these polices and rules, which may place you at risk.

There are various ways that these industrial accidents happen, and some of these include:

  • Poor training, which includes the lack of the necessary training for equipment like machines and chemicals.
  • No safety protection, all employers hold the responsibility of supplying their staff with adequate protective equipment, while failure to provide this equipment can result in accidents.

– Items that are left lying around, general cleanliness and storing items in the appropriate manner is essential in the workplace. Falls, trips and slips can occur from slippery and wet floors or falling over boxes or wires which have not been stored correctly. These accidents can include sprains or even broken bones and cuts.

  • Machine failure, all electrical equipment by law is required to be PAT tested, and failure to conduct these tests can result in electrical shocks or other injury types.
  • Vehicle accidents, the incorrect maintenance or training of heavy-duty vehicles like the forklift trucks often results in accidents that are severe or even fatal.
  • Lifting, if your job involves carrying heavy loads and you are not trained properly to do so, it can result in severe and painful injuries.

You Are Not Expected To Leave Your Job When You Claim

It is understandable that most people think that to claim against their employer means they can no longer return to their job. Well this is untrue.

There are rigid laws to ensure when you decide to claim for an incident that occurred while you were at work, your employer is not allowed to dismiss you or treat you differently.

You may also be concerned that making a claim may harm the business due to the court costs. Keep in mind that every business should have coverage in regard to employers’ liability-insurance, which means the company is safeguarded for these types of situations.