Suffered a Crush Injury?
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Suffered a Crush Injury?
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Crush Injury Claim Compensation

Many people have suffered with serious injury over the years, there are few injuries more serious than crush injuries, and health and safety regulations, crush injury compensation is often a form of accident at work however this page is specifically for crush injuries.

A significant portion of the accident claims reported each year are crush injuries – 700,000 work related personal injury claim reports contain a large amount of crushes which is one major reason why health and safety is such a major issue at work.

What are crush injuries?

Potentially crush injuries may adversely impact your life over the long term. We are here to assist you with making a compensation claim for your injuries. Not only are crush injuries dangerous, they are potentially lethal and great care should be taken to avoid them.

What Counts As A Crush Injury?

A crush injury is basically any injury that involves at least one body part sustaining injury and physical damage as a result of destructive levels of pressure being applied to the body, this can result in anything from brain injury, spinal injury, arm injury, leg injury, injuries to the hips, pelvis, back, skull, hands and generally any area of the body which can be crushed.

How much can I be awarded for a crush injury claim?

This depends as the compensation for a crush injury claim can vary greatly figures like £100,000 for a crushed hand have been seen before and there can be awards as low as £2,000 for more minor crush injuries.

The amount of compensation for the crush injury will be partly dependent on the severity of the crush damage itself.

Can I win compensation for a crush injury?

Crush injuries can often yield a large sum of money as compensation as stated above however the determining factors that decide whether or not you can claim and win compensation for a crush injury are as follows:

(1) Was the injury that crushed you as a result of one your own actions or was it not your fault?

(2) Was adequate care taken to prevent the injury from happening in the first place or was there no warning about the potential for harm to occur?

(3) (If the crush injuries were sustained at the workplace), do the company accept or deny liability for the accident or serious injury

And other factors which would help to determine liability.

Types Of Crush Injury:

Falling materials – this can be falling masonry, falling boxes or machinery/tools, this is a common occurrence where serious injury can occur, most crush injuries come from either this type of injury or the next one in this list.

Vehicle accidents/ Crushing / Run-overs – this is another commonly reported type of personal injury and has resulted in everything from brain injury and spinal injury to crushed hands, arms and legs, large amounts of compensation has been awarded to the victims in many cases.

Machinery: Many injuries resulting in a physical crush have come about as a result of working with machinery, particularly in a manufacturing environment resulting in injury compensation for the victims.

In order to determine whether or not you can make a claim, or if you just need some impartial, free advice, contact us at 0808 164 9153 to speak to us or fill in our secure online form. One of our advisers will be very happy to answer any questions you might have, and we will never pressure or rush you into making a claim.

Your compensation can cover any earnings losses due to you being unable to work, cost of whatever support and care you might need, as well as any medical adaptions that your home might need if your injury resulted in you becoming disabled. In addition, your compensation might help you with feeling secure in the future – particularly if you suffered a life-changing injury.

Although we cannot take away everything you have experienced, if your injury occurred during the past three years and someone else was at fault, then we might be able to assist you with making a compensation claim.

It can feel quite unfair to suffer from an injury that you did not cause. You might not be able to work and support your family as a result of the accident during your recovery process,and that can place you under a lot of financial pressure.

Your compensation

Employers do have a duty of care to ensure that you have the protective equipment and training that you need to avoid injuries as much as possible. That includes making sure that you know how to properly use the equipment that is necessary for your job, and to ensure that the equipment is inspected on a regular basis and has the proper safety procedures in place, like an equipment guard or emergency stop button.

Working in those kinds of industries may carry many risks due to to large vehicles and heavy equipment that is used for carrying out these jobs.


Some industries and job carry higher risk of crush injuries compared to others. The following are higher risk job examples:

One of the most common types of work injuries are crush injuries, especially whenever there is heavy or dangerous machinery being used, where limbs or fingers can be trapped inside.

Crush injuries on the job

If areas become overcrowded and safety rules are not adhered to, then individuals my become trampled or crushed. That can be particularly dangerous when the venue is being evacuated under emergency conditions.

When attending a public or social event the last thing that you would expect is for the venue to either be unsafe or overcrowded. All events, in fact, have safety regulations that must be followed, like having sufficient staff, and making sure that there are emergency procedures that are in place in the event there is a fire, and to ensure that the venue hasn’t succeeded capacity.

Crushing or trampling due to overcrowding

If someone else’s reckless or unsafe driving caused your accident, then we might be able to assist you with making a compensation claim for covering the costs of your injuries to ensure that you have the necessary support during your recovery process.

Crash injuries may occur during a car accident when the body of the automobile gets crumpled in a collision. In addition to car drivers, all kinds of road users can be risk of sustaining crush injuries – for instance, pedestrians or cyclists might become trapped in between two cars.

All road traffic accidents definitely can be scary – and they may cause permanent disability in severe cases.

Crush injuries that are caused by a road traffic accident

Call us for free on 0808 164 9153, and we will tell you whether or not we think that you have a valid claim. If you are ready to move forward with the process, then we will get you in touch with one of our win no fee solicitors to get you started.

If someone else was responsible for your injury, we understand how frustrating you must feel – your injury might have affected you both emotionally and physically, in addition to causing to be worried about your future. This feels wrong to us, and that is why we are fully committed to help you make things right.

These kinds of injuries may affect all parts of your body and may range from very serious to minor. For example, serious brain or head injures may cause severe trauma, while injuries to the legs or arms may lead to amputation.

These injuries may occur whenever your body experiences a sudden impact, or when a part of your body gets compressed in between two different objects. Crash injuries can, unfortunately, be very painful, and it may take a very long time to fully recover from them. Particularly if your accident results in crush damage to your ligaments, joints, or bones.