Had An Accident At Work?
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Had An Accident At Work?
  • Specialist Nationwide Legal Assistance
  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
No Win No Fee Claims

Work Accident Claims for Compensation

Can you Make a Compensation Claim for ​Accidents At Work?

​​Accidents at the workplace can be avoided.  If, however, you feel your accident feels wrong, our company can help you make it right.

Claiming Compensation – Have You Suffered An Accident At Work?

Accidents at the workplace can be caused when employers or other employees fail to follow the designated health and safety regulations, such as providing personal protective equipment or carrying out risk assessments.  If you have experienced injury during a workplace accident in the previous three years and it was another person’s fault, then you may be eligible for a compensation claim.

Based on the dependence of people on their income, the majority of accidents at work can be traumatic.  It is highly likely that you will need to take time off work and possibly leave the job altogether because of the injury’s consequences.  In certain cases, the loss of earnings can leave you unable to pay expenses or support your family.  You do not deserve to feel anxious regarding your health, financial situation or job following a workplace accident, and we are here to help relieve this feeling of anxiety.

How Can Our Company Help You With Your Work Accident Claim?

All employers have a legal obligation to ensure their staff members are safe at work.  This involves providing employees with the correct training and safety equipment to carry out their duties.
If your employer has failed to provide this ‘duty of care’ and you experience an injury, then we will be able to help you.  We offer impartial and free advice regarding pursuit of a compensation claim.  This means that you are not being pressured to start a compensation claim when you contact us.  If, however, you do opt to pursue a compensation claim, we will guide you through the first steps of the procedure and put you in contact with one of our trained specialist solicitors.

Have You Experienced A Serious Injury At Work?

Unfortunately, workplace accidents can result in severe injuries.  This is because the majority of working environments present with a high potential for accidents when they are not adequately maintained or the staff are not provided with the correct training.

You may not feel you have experienced a serious injury, but we are often contacted by individuals who experience severe injuries without realising they are injured.  If you respond yes to any of the questions below, then it is likely you have experienced a serious injury.

  • Are you seeing a medical doctor or receiving any treatment?
  • Have you been to the hospital to treat your injuries more than once?
  • Have you required time off work to recover from the injuries?
  • Have the injuries prevented you from returning to work in the same role or for the same hours?

Compensation claims can assist with receipt of money to pay for recovery and make changes you need to make now and in the near future.

In certain cases, it is possible to arrange a settlement known as an ‘interim payment’.  This means that you will receive some portion of the compensation before receiving the final settlement amount to cover immediate needs.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

Each case’s compensation amount is unique to the accident, injury and claim.  This is due to the fact that each claim is unique and when making a claim the solicitor needs to consider the ultimate impact of the accident.  This is important so that we can ensure you are adequately covered.  Specialist solicitors will take the following factors into consideration, and more:

•    Time off of work and any lost income
•    The loos of any future income
•    Changes to your ability to perform work duties
•    Support or care, even if it provided for free by loved ones
•    Any modifications or adaptations you need to make to your car or home
•    Accommodation and travel expenses

Am I Protected By Law At Work?

All employers have a legal ‘duty of care’ to their staff members.  This means that they are legally required to protect their employees and must take the appropriate steps to ensure the working environment is secure for you and your work colleagues.  If the employer does not follow general health and safety regulations, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, then you will be at risk of injury and they are responsible for any accidents.

Regulations to working environments can also include the Work at Height Regulations 2005 Act or the ‘Six-Pack’ Regulations 1992 – a regulation standard regarding roles within a factory work environment.

There is also legislation in place making it illegal for employers to treat people differently or dismiss the person if they are making a compensation claim; therefore, if you are dismissed then this is considered an ‘unfair dismissal’ and you could take legal action against the employer.

What Types Of Injuries And Accidents Can Occur At Work?

Our company has two decades experience assisting people making things right after experiencing an accident in the workplace.  During this time, we have learned that there is no typical workplace accident.  We do, however, have information on certain workplace accidents such as the following:

  • Accidents in a warehouse or factory
  • Construction site accidents
  • Unsafe industrial sites
  • Injuries when serving in the military
  • Agricultural accidents
  • Accidents when working in the office

What Are The Causes Of Workplace Injuries?

The majority of accidents at work occur due to incorrect training or a lack of security measures.  For instance, injuries can happen because of the following:

  • Forklift trucks that are poorly handled and maintained
  • Poorly maintained items of equipment
  • Support structures that are placed together incorrectly
  • Spillages not being cleared up resulting in trips, falls and slips