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Slips, Trips And Falls No Win No Fee Claims
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  • Maximum No Win No Fee Payouts
  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Slips, Trips And Fall Compensation Claim

​If you have experienced an injury in a slip, trip or fall, then we can assist you in making it right

​​Compensation For A Slip, Trip Or Fall Injury

​Falling over in a public area can be feel unfair and embarrassing, particularly if it is caused by another person’s negligence.  However, it can be worse when the injuries experienced are painful and severe in their consequences.

Making a compensation claim can be overwhelming, but we are available to help you determine what this involves and guide you through the procedure step-by-step.  Regardless of whether you know if you have a valid claim or are searching for free, impartial advice on the claim – we can help!  We have two decades experience helping people gain compensation; therefore, if your accident occurred in the previous three years and it was another person’s fault, then you have a good chance of making a valid claim for a slip, trip or a fall.

No person deserves to experience an injury because of another party’s negligence or inaction.  They do not deserve to be left out of pocket or unable to work due to an injury that could have been avoided.  This is why we are committed to assisting people make the situation right.

If you would like free and impartial advice in this situation, call us on ​0808 164 9153 and we will put you in contact with one of our specialist solicitor.

​The Person At Fault For The Fall

Slips, trips and falls will typically occur when businesses and local councils do not take the correct safety measures to assist you and members of the public secure.  The majority of falls and slips are caused by the following:

•    Uneven flooring

•    Wet floors

•    Uneven and cracked pavements

•    Inadequate lighting

•    Unexpected obstacles

The local council has an obligation to keep public pavements, walkways and steps safe for use.  Businesses like supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and stores, also have an obligation to keep their employees safe from trips and slips.  The safety measures to be used include using signpost to indicate wet floors, to keep the aisles clear, to keep walkways clear, and to clear up spills as quickly as possible.

If the accident was a result of any of the above issues, it is recommended that you contact our company at ​0808 164 9153.  All of the calls are free of charge and we will not pressure you into pursuing a compensation claim.  You can receive all advice you need by speaking with specialist solicitors when making the call.

​All About The Compensation For Slips, Trips & Falls

We are aware that suffering an injury caused by a slip, trip or fall can be highly stressful.  This type of injury can influence a person’s mobility and ability to work.  Compensation can assist you in returning to work and regaining mobility to the level you had before the injury.

The compensation can assist in covering expenses of treatment including medical treatment or physiotherapy that can help with recovery.  Compensation can also help to make up for any lost earnings you may experience from taking time off work.

As all cases are unique, it is not always possible to offer a set compensation amount; however, we will be able to offer you an idea of how much a claim is worth using a claims calculator.  Our claims calculator is a free resource that asks questions regarding the accident and then provides you with an estimated figure on how much compensation may be available.  Alternatively, you can contact our claim advisers on ​0808 164 9153 and they will be able to inform you whether or not your claim is valid.

​Slips, Trips And Falls In The Workplace

We understand that you may be concerned that making a claim against an employer can result in you being treated differently or losing your job; however, this is not true.  When making a compensation claim against an employer for a trip or slip at work, or other type of accident claim, then you are protected by legislation.  This means that it is illegal for the employer to treat you differently or fire you because of a claim (which is a common occurrence and could in itself lead to litigation).

You may also be worried that making a compensation claim against an employer will leave them out of pocket or having to pay a settlement amount that they cannot afford.  Once again, this is not true.  When a compensation claim is made, it is the insurance company and not the employer that will pay the compensation amount.

According to law, all employers need to have employer’s liability insurance to cover the cost of personal injury claims made against their companies.  So, you do not have to worry about making any injury claims as it will not leave your employer with a settlement that they cannot afford.

​Slips, Trips And Falls In Public Areas

Restaurants and stores have a legal duty of care to keep people safe from slips, trips and falls when the person is on their premises.  This means that they need to create a safe environment for their employees and the visitors or customers.  By clearly marking hazards and ensuring that corridors and pathways are free of obstacles, the company is making the area safer for people.

In certain cases, even if there is a sign warning people of hazards, you may be able to claim compensation if you experienced an injury.  For example, the restaurant or store will remain liable for the injury if the measures in place do not reduce the risk of injury.  The spillage may have been there for a long period of time and may have spilled over the hazard sign itself.

Manual Handling Injuries

Many slips, trips and falls take place in manual handling scenarios, such as warehousing environments, notably there have been a number of incidents in various Amazon warehouse environments, where there has been a lot of fast moving foot traffic, whilst measures have been taken to prevent slips trips and other types of injury, some health and safety measures are not sufficient and even with slip resistant flooring (to reduce slips trips) and risk assessments, unfortunately accidents still happen with workplace injury

Even with manual handling training and falls training,  slip and trips are still possible, falls from height are still commonplace even after extensive safety training, forklift trucks are another common source of injury along with the usual trip hazards.

Injuries At The Care Home

Burn injuries, hazardous substances, walking surface hazards and common office injuries (of sorts) are all common at the care home, with many workers dealing with slippery surface issues with fall prevention leaving a lot to be desired.