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Had a Motorbike Accident?
You Could Claim
More Compensation
Than You Think!
Had a Motorbike Accident?
You Could
Claim More
Than You Think!
Motorbike Accident Claim for Compensation Lawyers

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Motorbike Accident Claim for Compensation Lawyers

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Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims

Are you curious about motorbike or motorcyclist accident compensation claims?

We can help riders that were injured by a non-fault incident so they can recover compensation and get help with rehabilitation. We can also help with getting replacement helmets, leathers, and motorbikes from the individual, party, or organisation that was responsible for the motorbike accident.

If you or someone you love was involved in a motorbike accident known to be the fault of someone else, then you might have the right to bring up a compensation claim. Call us to speak to our specialist motorbike injury lawyers now. The conversation is free of charge and has no obligation. You can also fill out the form above to request us to call you back as another way of starting your free case assessment.

Most motorcycling accidents happen due to the following causes or circumstances:

  • Product liability claims resulting from accidents resulting from a defective motorcycle or motorbike parts
  • Another motorist might emerge into a motorcyclist’s path
  • Local authorities might fail to keep community road surfaces in good and safe conditions, resulting in potholes and uneven surfaces
  • Another motorist might make a turn, crossing the motorbike’s path
  • Pedestrians can be negligent by stepping out across the path of a motorbike
  • Parked vehicles might have doors open into a motorbike’s path, causing a rider to swerve and hit the ground or another vehicle
  • A rear-end by a third party might shunt the biker
  • Roundabouts can mean impacts
  • High-risk collisions can happen at T-junctions and other road intersections

Another moving vehicle might change lanes, getting into the path of the biker

Frequent Motorcyclist Accident Injuries

The injuries that result from any motorcycling accident can prove quite severe. We have motorbike accident specialists that have previously represented individuals who sustained various injuries, including some of the following:

  • Head injuries can range from minor cuts and concussions to brain injuries and fatal skull fractures
  • Injuries to the chest and abdomen
  • Injuries to the spine
  • Paralysis
  • Fractures
  • Limb injuries can impact legs and arms
  • Road rash
  • Amputations
  • Psychiatric or psychological injuries

Claim for Catastrophic And/Or Fatal Motorbiking Accidents

Our expert lawyers are able to represent surviving families when a motorcyclist gets seriously or even catastrophically injured, as well as work involving compensation claims following a fatal accident. In such circumstances, then our team of catastrophic injury lawyers can work towards securing you or your family an early interim compensation payment in order to ease your financial hardship. We’ll also consider how appropriate a Personal Injury Trust might be so that your benefits get protected. We also work with Private Client solicitors to make arrangements for Court of Protection needs in cases where an injured individual might not be able to manage financial affairs on their own.

What Will Your Motorcycle Accident Payout Actually Cover?

Bikers who get injured in an accident that was not their own fault for any possible reason have the right to claim compensation in regards to their injuries, as well as any ongoing impact that it might have on their broader life. Some claims that might be made include getting compensation for their injuries resulting from the following:

  • Spillages of oil or fuel on the roadway
  • Road surfaces that are defective, potholed, or poorly maintained
  • Accidents that involve uninsured drivers
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Defective safety clothing items like faulty helmets
  • Defective motorbike

Going through any motorbike accident can mean also going through life-altering repercussions. As such, most compensation settlements or awards will take the following factors into account.

  • General pain and suffering
  • Any medical treatment received
  • The severity of the injuries
  • The costs of all care
  • Any possible reductions or loss in mental and physical capacity
  • Anticipated, estimated, or expected costs of future treatment and care
  • Earnings that are lost during a recovery period
  • The expected loss of earnings in the future for injuries serious enough to prevent returning to work
  • Emotional or mental problems that are suffered as a consequence of any incident, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD arising from incurred injuries
  • Physical damage to the motorbike or safety equipment
  • All other incurred expenses, like property damage or travel costs

Awards are typically set out in alignment with the Judicial College guidelines that are drawn up in regards to personal injury claims. Such guidelines aren’t just used by courts but also insurers who propose settlements.

Motorbike Insurers And Insurance Companies

Every UK road user is mandated to have insurance coverage prior to using their personal vehicle on the roads. This means that if they are personally responsible for any road traffic accident, they can pay out the bill that repairs victim vehicles and covers hardship or injury compensation. 3rd party cover is the minimum insurance requirement, and even it will cover road traffic incident victims, offering monetary relief if they have to take time off from work so they can recover from mental suffering and physical injuries.

We understand just how complicated the insurance system of the UK can prove. It’s why we’re here to help out accident victims make their claims following accidents that weren’t their fault.

A lot of insurers will offer a victim an early settlement sum prior to having an opportunity to enjoy legal advice or consultation. However, accepting an offer like this is usually not a good idea, since the offered sums are typically lower than amounts you might get in court after pursuing a claim. No insurer can properly value a claim without having medical evidence, and if you wind up accepting any early settlement before you seek out legal advice, then you’ll have no rights for redress should you wind up experiencing any longer-term issues or symptoms.

Anybody that has personally been a non-fault victim of a motorcycle accident in the previous 3 years might be eligible. Our team of skilled professionals is very experienced in establishing motorbike accident claims, and they can help you figure out if your case is valid. We can provide sound, clear, and comprehensive medical evidence demonstrating your injuries as well as the likely time-frame in which you might recover. Then, we can also use this information to properly quantify your case. We’ll also factor in claims for any possible financial losses so you can get back the full amount.

If you or someone you love has gone through a motorbike or motorcycling accident, and you want to talk to a specialist lawyer about a personal injury or dependency claim, contact us at our free phone number for a no-cost and no-obligation consultation and conversation. You can also request we call you back using the form.

Thank you Megan for all your hard work, your very professional and patient. Very polite i don't think the outcome would have been the same without your help.

Simon Figg

Excellent in all areas and i would say that Goldman Knightley are the best solicitors!  I am so grateful.

Involved a slipping incident in a well know superstore.  Liability was disputed however we still managed to achieve to recover £10,000.00 for her injuries which involved soft tissue injuries to her back and shoulder.



Very professional and sympathetic to my case. The case manager got the ball rolling right away and made sure I was cared for in any way they could. I was impressed with the level of communication as well as their commitment to getting me healthy again and fairly compensated

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The legal Personal Injury Lawyers handled my situation in a professional and timely manner. They quickly returned phone calls. They responded to texts and emails with a seeming sense of urgency. Communication right? It was peaceful to be kept informed and up to date on the status of my case. I received a fair settlement for my damages. I would recommend them to anyone!

James Stowers


I called numerous times throughout my case to get information and I always felt like I got all the information I asked for. Though these things take a long time to resolve, it felt good to not feel forgotten throughout the process. Great place and grateful for the job they did for me.


I was in a minor collision that caused major lower back injury. Goldman Knightley handled everything very well as far as setting up appointments during the 5 months of physical therapy I went through. It was a long journey, but the few times I called with updates, they were good on returning those calls. I was happy with my choice to use them.


This firm was, without question, the most helpful after having my accident. They remained in contact with me through the entire process and made sure all my questions were answered. I'm sure I was a little annoying with how often I wanted updates but they were patient with me and I would definitely go back to them.

Madeline Boyle

I am so happy I contacted Goldman Knightley, I got rear ended and didn't know what steps to take and as soon as I contacted them it was so easy. They made sure everything was taken care of and I got back everything I deserved and some. Very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend to anyone in need of their service.

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