Bike accident payout
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Bike accident payout
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  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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How much compensation will I get for bike accident?

Leg injuries that are severe in nature.

£63,000 : £89,000 Deserving an equal level of compensation to an amputation, some non-amputation injuries are very devastating and cause a severe life interruption similar to an amputation. When bone grafts are needed, injuries that shorten on or more leg, bad flesh wounds also fall into this bracket.

£36,000 : £55,500 When for the rest of a person’s life crutches are needed, when life long serious mobility issues exist, they fall into this bracket of award. In this bracket, also, reduction in movement, range of motion and deformity fit this bracket. In this bracket, arthritis caused by injuries.

£25,750 : £36,000 Included here are lengthy hospital treatment, loss of stability, ligament or tendon injuries, that cause arthritis and a long recovery period. These are the combination of problems that cause a higher award amount.


£18,250 : £25,750 Multiple fractures, complicate, all taken into account, with how much time off from work, likelihood of other injuries in the future, surgery success and so on, ROM of all other body parts, scarring and stability that have happened. All important factors.

Leg injuries less serious

£11,800 : £18,250 Permanent limp, discomfort, loss of mobility, existing problems made worse represent this bracket.

£9,200 and up Soft tissue and fracture injuries. complete recovery fractures are at the top of this bracket.

Knee Injuries

Injuries severe knee £45,750 : £63,000 Causing much pain, a long treatment time, joint disruption of a severe nature and all serious.

£34,250 : £45,750 Risk of osteoarthritis, reduced range or motion, permanent pain, limp, all in the knee joint from fractures.

£17,500 : £28,500 Not as serious as others, still injuries that cause mobility disruption and major pain. Future and increasing reduction in knee integrity are the injuries that are represented at the top of this award amount bracket.

Knee injuries moderate

£9,750 : £17,500 Instability and weakness, ligaments torn cartilage, and dislocating injuries.

£9,000 ceiling Lacerations, bruising and injuries involving twisting. Unlikely to be more than £3,750 when injuries completely heal.