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Defective Electrical Products Claims No Win No Fee
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  • Successfully Settled Over 25,000 claims*
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Defective Electrical Product Claim Compensation

Electricity is one the major causes of fires in UK homes. There are upwards of 20,000 cases reported every year of fires starting in homes due to malfunctioning or overheating electric appliances. Some of the top products that are behind these accidental fires are electric cooking appliances, electrical lighting, portable heaters, and TVs. However, lots of fires also start because of faulty lithium batteries in products.

There are many different cases of an electric fire starting in a home. Electrical appliances like white goods (fridges, freezers, and washing machines), thermostats, and even electrical products that are used outside of the home, such as e-cigarettes all have the capacity to start a fire if they’re faulty. Many of these items have led to serious injuries to the owners, as well as significant damage to their homes and property. Some of the owners of these appliances decide to file for a defective electrical product claim in order to receive compensation for the damage they’ve sustained. However, it can be difficult to understand the claims process, who’s held accountable, and how much compensation is available.

Electrical Product Claims

While it’s important to contact a lawyer for specific details, there are some basic points every consumer should know before filing a electrical product claim. To begin with, what is classified as a ‘personal injury’ that consumers can file a claim for? A personal injury in a court of law is any injury or illness that’s caused by someone else’s negligence.  These can include abuse, accidents at the workplace, accidents abroad, and injuries sustained because of defective products. If an electrical product in your home, such as a thermostat, malfunctions and causes a fire, you may be able to receive compensation for the damages to your furniture and home, any medical bills if you were hospitalized, and any loss of current of future wages from work.

There’s also a time limitation of how long after the incident you can file a claim. For defective products, consumers must file the claim within 10 years of the product going into circulation for it to be upheld in court. After 10 years, manufacturers are not held responsible by law for any injuries sustained by their products. However, this is problematic for consumers because many times the effects of faulty items may not even be known until after a long period of time, during which the time limit may have expired. If you’ve been injured because of a faulty electric product, it’s important and vital to winning compensation that you file your claim right away. Lawyers are more versed on the certain time limits of the defective products at hand, but it’s always a good idea to get your claim in quickly and not delay.

If you reach out to a lawyer, which you should, within the time limit, they then proceed to give a consultation for your claim. Some law firm centres even offer free consultations with no obligation to act afterwards. During the consultation, the team of lawyers assess your claim to determine if it’s likely to be upheld in court. They also develop a plan of action should you decide to accept their advice and hire them for their services. If you accept, they begin the claims process of determining how much compensation your eligible for, as well as who’s responsible for the damage. After an agreement is made, they then send the claim for compensation to those who are responsible for your injuries. In the meantime, many lawyers look to have rehabilitation fees paid for you if you’re still recovering from your injuries. Rehabilitation is paid in increments for a predetermined amount of time to cover any immediate costs you may be paying, such as hospital bills and also cover the cost of your immediate wages that you’re losing.

Can You Begin A Claim For A Faulty Electrical Product For A Loved One Or Family Member?

Yes. Feel free to get in touch to begin a claim on behalf of a family member or loved one who may have suffered as a result of faulty electrical equipment, there will still need to be a medical examination more than likely however if the liability is not with you but with the manufacturer there is a chance to make a successful claim for faulty equipment.

How Long Does It Take For A Claim For A Defective Electrical Product To Complete?

In the case of faulty electric products, most of the time, the claim is made against the manufacturer. If the manufacturer accepts the claim, then you’ve successfully gotten compensation without going to court. If the other party disagrees, then the claim is taken to court to be disputed. The judges then decide if and how much compensation you’re eligible for. All of this starts by hiring a good lawyer. If you or a loved one has suffered from damages or injuries because of a faulty electric product, contact us on 0808 164 9153 to see if you can be compensated.